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How to Choose the Best Website Name for Your Business?

Are you hoping to market a product or service to the online community? If so, you will need to take several preliminary steps. These involve creating a website, establishing a strong social media presence and curating a clever digital marketing campaign. However, we need to remember that virtual consumers tend to judge books by their covers. We are referring to the name of your website in this sense. How can you choose the most appropriate title? As this is an extremely important decision from a branding perspective, it deserves a significant amount of attention. Let us examine some professional tips and tricks.

What Exactly is a Domain Name?

Website addresses are often referred to as domain names in the online community. These are essentially digital addresses that can be used to access your website. Such labels have existed since the dawn of the Internet and believe it or not, the first name can be traced as far back as 1985 ( There are now currently more than 330 million of these names registered throughout the global online community. So, it is obviously important to stand out from the masses if you hope to gain visibility.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Before the registation process begins, a bit of brainstorming will normally be in order. After all, any domain name is a direct reflection of the services that you wish to offer. These titles can likewise serve to at least partially define your overall brand identity. In other words, coming up with a catchy title should never be taken lightly.

This is why it is important to think outside of the proverbial box. Try to come up with between five and ten names. Once you have compiled a substantial list, check online to see whether or not these addresses have already been registered. Do not be discouraged if a handful of ideas are taken; the Internet is a massive community.

Clarity and Simplicity

Note that a domain name can come in all shapes and sizes. However, it is still logical to highlight one key suggestion. It is much better to choose a relatively short name. This will make your site easy to recognise and memorable in the event that a user performs subsequent searches. Furthermore, lengthy names might actually detract from the company itself.

Online Tools

What if you still lack inspiration after following the advice outlined above? In this case, there is nothing wrong with leveraging online resources. One extremely popular tool is a domain name generator. After providing basic details about your business (such as a few relevant keywords), these automated algorithms will then provide targeted suggestions. Note that some may also search the online community in order to ensure that a specific name has not already been taken.

All About Thinking Ahead

Think of a domain name as a virtual billboard for your website. Taking the time to develop a memorable name can help to boost brand recognition and inbound traffic. A bit of foresight will certainly go a long way!