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How to build a custom Shopify theme

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The Shopify platform (Shopify) is one of the best CMS (CMS) for creating an online store in the Western market, which allows you to do e-commerce. With simple functionality and lots of templates, you can easily launch your web store with it. All you need to work with Shopify is internet access.

In many ways, Shopify looks like an exemplary store builder – powerful, with a rich ecosystem, user-friendly, and moderately simple for beginners. The benefits are related to functionality. Disadvantages for the domestic user stem from everything related to cost and localization.

Pros of Shopify

* Support for many modern technologies like AR (augmented reality), Google Pay, sales through social networks, and other useful things;

* Support for displaying 3D models and videos in product cards;

* The presence of a high-quality branded mobile application – Shopify Ping;

* Good templates, easy design customization;

* Powerful analytical and marketing tools;

* Built-in tools for the distribution of the advertising budget for the promotion of the store in different directions;

* Built-in rich application store;

* Steady growth in functionality, the introduction of advanced technologies in the forefront – everything, as it should be for a flagship Western eCommerce product;

* Shopify Academy – Free courses for entrepreneurs (in English).

A basic template with a traditional set of blocks is installed in the new online store. If desired, it can be customized by individualizing the design of the site. Other templates are available in the store. To get to them, you have to go through a path of 3 clicks: Online Store – Themes – Visit Theme Store. Templates in the store are divided into categories: new, popular, paid, free. There are few free layouts, only 9. There are 72 paid templates, their cost ranges from $160 to $180. The quality is good, the themes are somewhat similar to each other, but still they are not clones of each other. The diversity and literacy of the structure are visible, the ergonomics of the interfaces of the templates are at a high level. Each of them has a detailed description of the features and a full-screen preview mode with demo content. Alas, not all free templates are responsive. You can learn more about it here – Shopify app development services.

When choosing a theme, you can immediately choose a design style, see examples, read reviews. You can install several layouts at the same time and change them if necessary. Templates are flexibly customizable: you can change the order of the blocks, add new elements, customize the color scheme, typography, favicon, and social bar.

The development of a unique design is not only a beautiful design, it is also a well-thought-out “usability” of the site. It is very important that it is convenient for the visitor to go to a particular page, so that he does not have to search for the information he needs for hours, so that he is comfortable. This is the only way a simple visitor can become a potential buyer, subscriber, or customer. Under equal conditions, the site with pleasant non-irritating colors, a well-chosen font, easy navigation, and so on will be ahead.

Those the design itself increases the conversion of the site, the number of buyers/customers/clients who will contact you from the total number of visitors. But is it bad? Isn’t it worth using the uniqueness of the design as a method to increase sales and increase the popularity of your own resource

As mentioned above, many believe that the presence of a unique design does not affect the issuance of a site in a search engine. And indeed, the direct impact may not be seen, but in fact it is. And the thing is that search engines are able to record the visitor’s actions on the site. Using certain algorithms (which no one knows about), search engines conclude whether the visitor was comfortable on the site, whether he found the necessary information. For example, a visitor comes to a site with a clumsy design and leaves almost immediately.

Search engines fix the page that a person came to and from which he left + add to this all the time spent on the site. Accordingly, the longer a person has stayed, the better, which means that such a site is better, more convenient and useful, which means it should be higher in search results. Here is such an indirect relationship between unique design and SEO.

Summing up all of the above, I would like to say that when planning a “website for people”, which will bring profit and delight the owner, it is worth ordering the development of a unique design. We recommend you this Shopify theme development services.