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How to Boost Immunity in Changing Weather?

Welcoming changing seasons can be exciting but it can also bring some challenges. Do you know that you probably have low immunity if you feel under the weather during changing weather conditions? Don’t worry because with simple tweaks in your life, you can boost your immunity. A better immunity will enable you to fight against colds, allergies, and other seasonal problems.

To increase your immune power, some natural foods like berries, leafy greens, spices, citrus fruits, and supplements like vitamin C capsules and herbs provide you with multiple benefits. Before we discover the ways to boost immunity, we will discuss the effect of weather conditions on your immunity.

Why Does Weather Impact Your Immunity?

If you have experienced the weather change effect, you might be wondering about the reasons behind it. So, let’s discuss them here today:

1. Sudden Change in Temperatures

If you suddenly switch from cold to hot or from hot to cold, your body may not have enough time to adapt to this change, resulting in lower immunity.

2. Lack of Humidity

When you suddenly move to varying temperatures, it may lead to air dehumidification in your surroundings. Simply put, the air you breathe causes the lack of moisture in your lungs, nose linings, and eyes, resulting in weak immunity.

If it combines with pollens, dust, and spores, the air that lacks moisture can invite allergies and various infections.

3. Dip in Temperature

When the temperature dips, the viruses are highly likely to multiply. In such an environment, the temperature of your nasal cavity can decrease to 33 degrees. With this, the rate of sniffle-causing infections increases.

4. Vitamin D Deficiency

Sun rays touching your skin help produce vitamin D in your body. It helps improve bone and cartilage health. You may be highly likely to get sick if you don’t get proper sun exposure.

Ways to Boost Immunity in Changing Weather Conditions

To keep your immune health at peak with changing weather, you can try the following ways and enjoy every season with a zest:

1. Include More Vitamin C

Increasing vitamin C intake in your diet strengthens your immune system. You can consume citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and grapefruits to battle against your seasonal sickness.

2. Increase Liquid Intake

A liquid diet helps you stay hydrated in all seasons and recharges your body while getting rid of toxins. With your meals, you can drink up buttermilk with flaxseeds. It is a rich vitamin B12 and calcium source that boosts immunity. Moreover, you can add a sattu drink (powdered chana or Bengal gram) to increase your protein and iron intake.

3. Consume Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been used for ages and has wonderful properties supporting your immune system. It promotes anti-inflammatory properties and immune cells that keep you active and healthy. You can consume ashwagandha tablets if needed after you consult your doctor.

Summing Up

Strong immunity is a blessing to good health. People with low immunity may be sensitive to anything and fall sick frequently, especially when the weather changes. To take care of yourself and boost your immunity, you should add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet to get vitamins B, C, and other essential nutrients. Vitamin D tablets can also boost your immune health and keep you healthy round the clock.