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How to Avoid Discrimination When Hiring

When it’s time to hire a new candidate, do you know the best practices? To assemble a diverse pool of candidates and hire without discriminating against anyone, there are some steps you can take. From the job ad to feedback, you can stay above board with the right approach.
Read on to learn how to avoid discrimination in hiring process practices!
Write Objective Job Ads
Your first step in avoiding discrimination in hiring processes practices is to write clear and objective job ads. You should describe the job duties and desired qualifications. This can include education, experiences, and relevant certifications.
Stay away from specifying age, race, or sex as qualifiers for applicants. If the job is at a women’s college, for example, that would be a specific characteristic that is okay to mention.
Aim for a Diverse Population of Candidates
Racial discrimination in hiring process practices can be a problem, but there are steps to avoid it. A big one is being intentional about recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds. To do so, you may need to expand your reach.
Recruitment agencies can help with this by reaching out to potential candidates. They will know which networking platforms and job boards can reach different candidates. They also may be able to target specific demographics that are underrepresented in your organization.
The Right Interview Questions Avoid Discrimination in Hiring Process Practices
As you prepare for the interview, you’ll need to draft a list of questions. It’s best to use the same list for every candidate to ensure an equitable process.
You don’t want to ask candidates about health issues, marital status, children, or other private information. Set the same time limit for all candidates, too.
Focus on Skills and Experience to Make a Decision
To avoid gender discrimination in hiring process practices, avoid discussing family planning. In other words, if you interviewed a younger female candidate, don’t assume that she will be on maternity leave soon.
Similarly, avoid age discrimination in hiring process practices by avoiding the assumption that an older candidate may retire soon. Let a candidate’s ability to provide strong answers guide your choice.
Keep a Paper Trail
As a general rule, it’s smart to keep a paper trail during hiring processes. Maintain a file of all candidates who respond to your job ad.
Create small briefs on why you’ve chosen to move forward with some candidates versus others. Focus on how their work experiences or education make them more appealing.
During the interview, take notes. Summarize findings at the end. And consider offering brief feedback to candidates you did not select.
Keep Your Hiring Practices Fair

You can steer clear of discrimination in hiring process practices with a methodical approach. From a clear job ad to good questions, you’ll be able to stay away from discussing sensitive information. Stick with your scripted questions and keep your discussion of candidates focused on their skills.
For more tips to streamline job practices, check back for new and informative articles.

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