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How staking rewards are calculated

Staking rewards are calculated based on various parameters. If you are a crypto enthusiast and skeptical about how you can generate profit from crypto staking, then it’s high time you try it out.

Regarded as an ultimate solution to the risks associated with crypto investments, staking gives hope to crypto investors who may have not realized any profit from a crypto investment. Besides the safety of your investment, staking guarantees high returns from simply staking and holding your coins.

Have you ever imagined that you can earn passive income by simply buying and holding crypto in your wallet? Unlike other crypto trading ventures that are costly and high risk, staking guarantees you high returns without risking your capital.

How to calculate staking rewards

Staking rewards are calculated through staking calculators. The calculator shows the amount you are likely to receive in the staking process. Before staking, it is important to analyze to ascertain how much you are likely to generate from various coins. You can visit News Spy App for more information.

The higher the value of a coin the higher the reward. Typically, the calculation is usually based on the interest likely to be accrued over some time. However, the amount of reward varies from one blockchain network to another.
Though it is easier to predict the total amount you are likely to be rewarded, the actual amount is determined by the type of blockchain network you intend to choose. The bottom line is that the longer the duration of your holding, the higher the amount you are likely to be awarded.

Will the staking reward be fixed?

Typically, staking rewards are reset annually on most blockchain platforms. This implies that the reset percentages remain effective throughout the year. Being that the earnings increase based on the duration stakers spend on the network, most platforms have a fixed rate of calculating rewards. Further, the interest rate varies from one network to another.

Is it possible to trade when the funds are being staked?

Some blockchain networks impose certain restrictions on moving funds. Some f the notable restrictions include putting limits on the withdrawal period.
To be allowed to move funds,a number of factors will determine whether you should be allowed or not.
Some of the factors include

  • Transaction history
  • Account History
  • Banking History

In some circumstances, withdrawal requests may be delayed pending unlocking of the staked funds.
Every blockchain network operates under various terms and conditions. You can always discuss various funds related issues with support to understand how you should operate your account on the network.
The following are a few digital assets you can trade at different exchanges

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Libra (LIBRA)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Chain link (LINK)
  • Binance coin (BNB)

Advantages of crypto staking

Unlike other complex investment ventures in the crypto industry, staking gives stakers a seamless investment option to earn without being actively involved in the process. In this case, stakers get rewards whether they are active on the network or not.
In a delegated proof of stake, stakers earn through freezing their wallets.
Other advantages of crypto staking include the following.

  • Stakers earn through being part of DPoS
  • Stakers earn rewards in form of tokens for staking
  • Reduce transaction fees to stake on exchanges

Generally, stakers make a profit from holding crypto in their wallet for some time. The amount awarded to stakers varies from one platform to another. However, interest rates charged for holdings vary from one blockchain network to another. Therefore the amount you are likely to receive in form of reward is determined by the type of coin, interest rate, platform, and the duration you are likely to hold your funds. Before you venture into staking, it is advisable to use a staking calculator to predict the amount you are likely to receive in form of reward in each scenario before investing. This gives you headway in investing from an informed point of view rather than trial and error.


Though a staking calculator is ideal to help you have a rough idea about the amount you may get in form of reward in each context, the actual amount you will receive in form of reward is determined by the blockchain platform you will choose. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct a thorough risk analysis in various scenarios to settle for the most suitable option.

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