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How Leaders Drive Innovation?

We humans have always been obsessed with “Innovations” since the 1800s till the present day. We have always looked for something novel and unique that would change the things for the better good. From Thomas Edison to Mark Zuckerberg, innovators have been helping the mankind making it a better world.
While innovation has been essential to success in every field of business and life, it’s up to leaders how they drive it in businesses.
Set up Clear Visions
Every company looks at innovation in different ways and it cannot be controlled, but what matters to companies is to have clear and defined visions about innovation strategy. Setting up audacious goals help innovators to dominate the market with unique ideas. Jeff Davos saw the dream of making a common marketplace in large, he did set his vision and followed his dream and rest it history. Innovations won’t happen if you don’t see big dreams and set goals accordingly and that is a basic truth.
Develop Innovation-Friendly Policies
No innovation can take place without proper encouragement and policies at any organization. Google is known for its 20% time to work on any project an employee desires. They understand the need of implementing and encouraging employees for innovation. If you cannot think of any such policy, then try replicating the processes on the project level by allowing employees using their creativity and ideas. In this way, leaders inspire employees to take their ideas to company’s betterment.
Communication is the Key
Every new idea that is being formulated needs to be communicated and celebrated. It often happens that you tend to wait to see what happens before you make any announcements. Simply putting, you want to limit your exposure to failure. But the point is that the true learning is in the development phase as that’s where the risk taking happens. Innovative leaders have set time in meetings for updates on innovation, and to share what they see happening across the organization.
Be realistic about your craving for failure
94% business leaders say that innovation is the key to success, but still, only 14% leaders get it done in their organizations. Why this big difference? Because most of the leaders don’t want to see the bigger picture where they fail. If you are taking risks, then thinking about failure should never be in your thoughts. Most of the successful innovators know that failure is something that cannot be avoided and so being prepared for it is the best thing to do. Being realistic about what’s to come if things went out of hand, only help them take calculated steps.
Finally, implement it
That’s the final step every innovative leader takes when talking about innovation. Yeah, that’s right, implementing the idea into the workplace comes secondary. After having a better understanding of the pros and cons of their idea, leaders take it to the reality by implementing. Succeeding in the first attempt hardly matters for them, because transforming their idea into reality becomes the sole purpose for them, doesn’t matter in which attempt they succeed.
Being an innovative leader is no easy task, but if you take the right steps, then you will be driving innovation in your organization already.