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How is the European Casino Industry Shaping Up?

The truth is that the pandemic hit many countries hard, especially various sectors of their economies. Many industries suffered during this period and things are starting to return to normal it’s time for these industries to recuperate. This is the case for various companies and businesses in Europe, the gambling industry included. Some areas of the industry prospered thanks to the rise of clients, while others diminished.
Overall, the Gross Gambling Revenue in European countries is the highest in the UK and Italy, with Germany, France, and Spain after them. On average, the GGR makes up about 0.5% of the GDP of these countries.
Moreover, the online GGR in Europe was estimated to reach 24.7 billion Euros in 2020. The prime areas that boost the GGR are online lottery and casinos as well as poker and sports betting. Here is a great source of information for such websites to visit.
The Gambling Industry in Italy
Sports betting, lotteries, and gambling are legal in Italy and operators need a license to operate. The amount of money wagered in the industry back in 2019 amounted to around 110 billion euros. A huge part of that money was wagered in poker cash and poker tournaments, as well as casino games. Since 2015 the number of video lottery machines had increased, though it has increased in recent years.
There was a shift towards online gambling which is one of the reasons why this happened. The pandemic also played a role in increasing the number of online gamblers in Italy. Another thing to note about Italy is that most of the population are avid sports fans, and the majority enjoy football. Since no football matches were held at the height of the pandemic, in March and April 2020, the sports betting sector of online gambling was negatively impacted by the pandemic.
The Gambling Industry in France
Online gambling is the sector of the gambling industry in France that experienced an increase in recent years. The popularity of online gambling started in 2010 with the adoption of the 2010-476 law that covers the regulation and competition of online gambling. Two factors contribute to the rise of online gambling in France.
The first, it the fact that a large part of the clients is young and male clients. In other words, people under 34 years of age represent about 2 thirds of online gamblers in France. This was the case in the 4th quarter of 2020. When it comes to sports betting, a young and male audience holds around 70% of the accounts.
The second factor that played a role was the pandemic. In 2020 the revenue of online sports betting reached about 950 million euros. Besides this, the sector of online poker also saw an increase in 2019 and 2020. That’s because that sector saw an increase in the number of players. In addition to sports betting and poker, horse racing also saw an increase in the number of accounts.
The UK Gambling Industry
The revenue of the gambling industry in the UK has been increasing over the past several years. In 2011 the revenue or the Gross Gambling Yield in the UK was around 8.4 billion British pounds, and it had increased to around 14.4 billion British pounds by 2018.
The age of UK gamblers ranges between 45 and 64 years old which also plays a role in the rise of revenue. Also, in 2018 the number of online gambling customer amounts was around 36.6 million out of which all were active during that year. As in previous countries, the pandemic increased the number of active accounts and the revenue amount.

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