Unlike other professions, engineering job is based on logical implementation of knowledge in a step by step manner. A successful engineer needs to have an analytical mind and keen attitude along with a strong grip on their respective technology.
But with the huge increase in the number of engineering students all over India, the quality of engineers is degrading because more focus is given to theoretical knowledge rather than practical application of the concepts. There comes the importance of industrial training program which is mandatory for every engineering student.

Today, all the engineering colleges have summer industrial internship as a part of their curriculum and in most of the cases the student is required choosing the company for the training on their own. The objective of this training is to enhance the knowledge of the students on the different cutting edge technologies and to provide the real time exposure of the corporate world.
The industrial training program gives you a fantastic exposure to the company’s working environment and style pattern. They get to know how to interact with clients, understand their expectations, real time software applications, installations, configuration, testing and SDLC phases of the project which they have just studied till now in their books.
Working on live projects, again, is a very important aspect. The things that are taught during the student life of your Engineering will be implemented while carrying out the project work. They face all the real time challenges and with the help of internship mentor they understand how to handle these problems with the most logical solution at the earliest because time is money in the real world.
The main motive for a student is ultimately to get well placed in their dream company. Their dream will only turn into reality when they will be able to match up with the expectations of the industry. They need to attain certain benchmarking standards to grab a job in the competitive market and also survive in the industry.
During the final placements interview the first question that is asked by the recruiters is about their industrial training and the project they have done because employers expect the candidates to gather at least basic fundamental knowledge on their respective domains and must understand what is expected of them in the real life scenario.
But most of the students always run to obtain a merely certificate and due to this there is a serious lack of trained professionals with the desired skill sets to take on the ever increasing demand of an IT industry.
In order to overcome this problem and transforming your career into fruitful one student should join summer training programs not only for certificate but for knowledge and experience.
incorporates them with an integrated learning environment blended with practical knowledge, hands on exposure and project based learning giving an extra advantage to their career.