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How GPS is Enhancing Fleet Management?

Fleet management is an administrative task which allows organizations to co-ordinate with vehicles and drivers in order to maintain a smooth functioning of the fleet operations that too in compliance with the government regulations. Recent advancements in GPS technology have empowered fleet managers to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance driver’s safety in a hassle-free manner, such as advancements in GPS technology. Here we have enlisted few of the advantages in detail which GPS technology has brought for the betterment of fleet management’s operations.

Improve the Efficiency of Drivers

GPS devices have the ability to enhance the efficiency of drivers and help save more money which any company requires to manage its fleet operations. This device can assist the fleet managers to know more about the driving pattern of the driver like: At what time a driver can drop the delivery? At what speed a driver can complete all deliveries? By knowing answers to such vital questions can empower the business owners to schedule each driver’s future weeks more effectively by focusing on individual driver’s driving pattern. The data which a GPS device transmit to the central device can further be utilized to gain some more meaningful insights utilizing data analytics services like deciding the better route, tracking traffic hit areas, deciding what materials to be sent and how among others. Adoption of such technology can empower both the drivers and the business to attain efficiency with elevated performance that too in lesser time.

Keep Vigil like a Spy

Data collected by the GPS device can provide many performance related concerns to the upper management like: At what time the driver has started his journey? Which different places the driver has visited during his entire journey? Where did he stop and for how much time? Answers to such vital questions can help the upper management to keep track of their driver’s work behaviour and assist in maintaining better efficiency in future. Moreover, to manage the health of a vehicle it is important that a driver move vehicle as par standard road safety guidelines or protocols, which is beneficial for maintaining the safety of drivers and longevity of vehicle’s parts. Using the benefits of GPS device and specialized software, fleet managers can get to know about various important things like: sudden accelerator pattern, driving pattern at the turn, speed breakers, and close residential areas, whether the vehicle gets use for non-work related activities, etc. and thus keep a strong vigil on their fleet operations like a spy.

Moreover, by analysing driver’s speed, companies can keep track of the amount of gas required and number of times the vehicle has gone for a repair. Such things ultimately assist in reducing the maintenance cost, make vehicle’s resale value last long, and also reduce the speeding fines to a great level.

Help Improving Drivers’ Safety

In the past, when GPS was not in place, drivers used to work very much on their own space and schedules. Although, having freedom to do their work is not a bad thing but unnecessary wasting of time creates inefficiency which ultimately costs the company. Moreover, drivers’ safety is yet another concern which repeatedly creates tension on manager’s mind, since the drivers are more distracted than ever. In one recent study published by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute discovered that truck drivers are 23 times more prone to fall into an accident than someone who is not at all distracted. GPS tracking can address such issues.

Telematics, in-fact lets you know whether your driver has worn the seat belt or not and is there any unauthorized passenger in the vehicle. In such a way, it can help in enhancing the safety of your vital human resource which is needed to carry out your fleet operations.

Enable Integration for Better Customer Experience

Management, employees and the customers are the most integral part of any business. In-fact the end customers are the most vital aspect as it is from where all the money flows into the company’s coffers. Therefore, it is necessary to provide much better and more transparent services to the end user to create a much better customer experience where customers don’t need to call customer’ care to know about their delivery.

It is thus important to provide real-time updates to your customers as well. Thanks to the recent innovations happening in the GPS integration technology, now fleet managers can integrate GPS devices using APIs to delight their customers and create a much better end-user experience. Such integration can show your customers where your service vans are with the help of map and reduce significant burden on your helpdesk executives. Another integration which revolves around social media is starting to take shape in fleet management. It lets followers know where their logistics currently is with the help of messages and provides a real-time update in a hassle free manner to the clients. Currently, fleet managers use accounting systems, CRM systems, and fleet systems to access more information.