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How Female Leaders Are Driving Progress in the Workplace and Beyond

A dramatic change that began in the 1950s or earlier has gathered real pace in the past decade. Women have become ever more prominent in leadership roles in a wide variety of professions, from the world of business to politics, philanthropy, and beyond. With new opportunities and a change in societal mindset, women have had the chance to shine in business.

In this article, we look at why women excel in leadership and how their impact drives a positive change in the business landscape. We’ll also examine the importance of female leadership in a range of spheres and the net benefits it brings for both the younger generation and society.

Growing in influence

In 2022, the number of women in top leadership roles in business grew to 32% – not perfect, but a considerable change from the past. Some people may ask why this is important. After all, haven’t women been working regularly in Western countries for well over a century? Maybe so, but it is generally understood that women joining the workplace is only the first step – only by taking up major leadership roles can they hope to truly influence current decisions, future strategy, and the working world.

Perhaps even more importantly, it is also through examples and role models that opportunity is created and made apparent. To put it simply, if there are many highly visible women in the top positions, it is a clear sign to the next generation of potential female leaders of what is possible. This can be in terms of going out and grabbing leadership positions themselves or simply realizing that they genuinely belong or can carve out a bright future in the given industry.

Good business sense

This change is not only good for women but also for the world of business and society. Companies with more women on the board tend to see greater performance and are more profitable. Indeed, there have been countless studies that have shown that diversity of thought leads to more effective decision-making and also innovation. This is why the smartest companies make an effort to look for not only diversity in terms of gender but also nationality, profession, or socio-economic background.

In business terms, the fact that the spending power of women has also risen at an incredible rate over the past 30 to 40 years makes it even more apparent that the most innovative companies should be seeking women for leadership roles. After all, it makes simple common sense that women themselves should be best placed to help harness that growing spending power.

Role models in abundance

We have also seen significant progress in the political sphere. We may still be waiting for the first female president of the US, but in addition to the various national female leaders elected as heads-of-state globally, there are also countless other instances of influential women in politics. From vice-president Kamala Harris and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the US to Ursula von der Leyen and Christine Lagarde, presidents of the European Commission and the European Central Bank, respectively, it is clear that though the path may still be arduous, there are opportunities for women to shape our political present and future.

There are also many instances in the world of philanthropy and NGOs. As president of the JPB Foundation, Barbara Picower, for example, is responsible for helping her organization increase opportunity in the US by promoting transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, improve the environment, and support vital medical research. Other notable figures in this arena include Melinda Gates, who is heavily involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the biggest charity organizations in the world, and Abby Maxman, president and CEO of Oxfam America.

Inspirational women all around us

In addition to the spheres mentioned above, we have also seen female achievement in a whole range of other fields, from science and space exploration to journalism and tech. Every advancement is a positive indication that shows the younger generation that nothing is impossible and demonstrates the incredibly wide variety of options available for women. It also helps push us forward toward a more inclusive and open-minded society.

However, we should also point out it is not all about leaders. All over the world, women are capable of providing inspirational and uplifting examples for us all, whether they are working as teachers, researchers, firefighters, doctors, bank clerks, or any other position. And as time goes on, we can only hope that the role of women in society grows ever more influential as the benefits are clear for all to see.

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