How Do Businesses Gather an Email List?

Businesses in the past decade or so have made a killing from successfully building an email list and selling their products and services to customers on the list. It may seem pretty easy to create an email template, write good copy, and sell products like crazy!
But how do you get the email list in the first place? We have included a few tips that the pros use to build an email list that they can sell to for forever. Let’s get down to business.

Promote the Sign Up on Your Website

Have you ever been on a website and see a form off to the side that asked for you to enter your email? That company obviously uses an email list and depending on the traffic, they are probably getting new customers on their list daily.
The method of a form that people can willingly sign up to get updates or offers forever is a pretty non-pushy way that will trickle in new people to your list. There are also more pushy tactics like when someone goes to leave the website, a pop-up will ask for the email address. Either way, a sign-up should be visible on your website because it is cherry-picking visitors that would be interested in joining your list.

Use Paid Advertising

The second method that is somewhat popular is to use paid ads on social platforms like Facebook to grow your email list. You would be surprised by the return on investment that could come from a paid advertisement if it converts well and if they become a valuable customer.
Using paid ads is especially common with businesses or people that sell high ticket products or services. If each person on your email list makes you over $1,000 dollars, then it would be worth it to see if it’s profitable to run ads to people that would sign up for the list.
It is an investment that might pay off if you know how to market and if you are being a lot of value.

Using Offers

The last and most important tip to grow your email list is to use special offers to incentivize people to join your list. A common offer that eCommerce brands use is that sign-ups will result in a certain percentage off their order. Or a person could offer a free e-book for someone to join their email list if it brings the person signing up value.
Giving value and offers to a person is going to make them inclined to sign up for the list because you are doing them a favor in their eyes, if you do them a favor, then they are likely going to feel the need to reciprocate the favor and sign up.
If you found these tips helpful for growing your email list, then share it with someone that could also benefit from the content! Good luck with growing your email list and turning them into customers.

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