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How Can Mobile Technology and Phone System Boost the Growth of Your Restaurant?

Mobile phones may get modified, but they are here to stay. About 77% of Americans use smartphones, and more than 90% are sure to look for a cafe or a restaurant daily. Among these searches, nearly 85% will pay a visit to a food store or order online within 8 hours. It means that, at any given point in time, almost 60 million Americans are searching for food service establishments. So, how shall this information help you with your restaurant business? Clearly, 60 million is not a small number. You need to have your business visible on people’s mobiles to reach out to this massive crowd. For that, you will require a smartphone-friendly website and an app. Whether you have already invested time and money to make your presence felt in the mobile realm or are trying to grasp how to do it, this article will tell you why it’s the need of the hour.

Enhances your Visibility

The first thing you have to do to enhance visibility is to check whether your food joint’s webpage can be navigated using a smartphone. If everything is okay, check the same on a tab or iPhone. Once these things have been taken care of, start adding your app or mobile website to multiple specialized directories. Why? Customers are likely to use one of the apps or directories rather than the search bar while looking for a new restaurant in the locality. You can stay ahead of the competition by adding various tempting images and video blogs, special deals, and a glimpse of your menu.

A good Phone System generates Greater Sales

You must understand one thing. It’s not only the people’s phones that need to see you properly. But you, too, need a good phone system in your restaurant to serve your customers efficiently. You must be technologically adept at meeting the demands of your buyers. If your restaurant phones miss the calls from customers, faces call drop, or go offline frequently – these will impact your overall business. Having a sound and stable phone system with a reliable network will help you have a better interaction and connection with your customers, which in turn, will get you more orders and reservations. Some of the phones for restaurants systems that you can consider are –

  • Key Service Unit Telephones
  • Non-Key Service Unit Telephones
  • Private Branch Exchange Systems
  • Voice over Internet Protocol Systems

Include Menus with Photos

If you have updated the menu you offer at your restaurant, it would be wise to include a few enticing pictures along with the menu. After all, we eat with our eyes first. Present some drooling images of the actual meals you specialize in. Also, give a glimpse of the ambiance one can expect at your food juncture. It will change the whole mobile experience of the customers.

A well-functional simple Mobile Ordering Service

Mobile ordering comprises about 20% (or more) of your daily business. Your app should be able to walk your customers through the menu and likewise help them to order whatever they like with just a few clicks. A complicated and non-so-well-functioning app might disappoint the customers, who might start looking for other options.


So, you see, in today’s world, mobile and phone systems are responsible for your business’s visibility. It also offers you convenience (both for the operator and the customer) as they continuously keep you updated with new data.