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How Can Investors Benefit from Ecs While Looking for the Best mt4 and mt5 Eas?

One of the most relevant subjects surrounding Forex trading has been the introduction of Expert Advisors(EAs). These are the specially designed and developed algorithmic programs that operate on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). There have been numerous attempts to upgrade and present new types of EAs, but many did not succeed.

Elite CurrenSea (ECS is an award-winning trading and education company that, in almost eight years of experience, has introduced and developed different MetaTrader 5 EAs that take the lead in the market. One of the biggest benefits that individuals can acquire whilst trade with ECS is the fact that all of their products and services have a very detailed onboarding process. On top of that, the company provides special PAMM telegram channels to communicate with the investors and update them with important information and key changes in the market.

Athena EA

Key Stats: Values:
Historical Yearly Performance 200%
Historical Drawdown (DD) 30%
Risk Reward Ratio (R: R) 0.36
Profit Share (€0 upfront fees, 20-35% profit share)
Software Rental €499 per year
Live Performance on

Athena EA is a grid-trading Forex robot that redefines traditional trading. Due to the hard work of the ECS team, the company has managed to create an algorithm that yields 200% average monthly returns with zero to no involvement from the investors’ side. Even though due to the more aggressive style of trading that Athena EA has, it has managed to never close a single month on a loss. This EA has different version rental, lifetime, and managed. Managed accounts able the investor to start trading with €0 upfront fees with 20 to 35% profit share.

Zeus EA

One of the best MetaTrader 4 EAs that ECS has introduced is Zeus EA, which also uses a grid-trading strategy but offers a less risky trading style for lower, but consistent results. Zeus EA has averaged a 7% monthly return.

Key Stats: Values:
Historical Yearly Performance 100%
Historical Drawdown (DD) 43%
Risk Reward Ratio (R: R) 0,65
Profit Share ✅ (€0 upfront fees, 20 to 30% profit share)
Software Rental Rental €699, Lifetime €999
Live Performance on

Due to the high demand for this Expert Advisor, the company has decided to simplify the payment methods and update the onboarding process to make it easy for even novice traders to use Zeus EA.
These fully automated trading robots give investors the chance to take a step back while the algorithm takes care of all of the major trading actions. Considering current political influences and external factors that cause inflation, major currency changes, and shifts in the FX market, it is best to entrust your trading to Expert Advisors, which take into account major life events to further benefit their clients.