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How Can A Degree In Liberal Studies Open Doors Within Any Industry?

If you have a degree in liberal arts or are considering doing one, many career opportunities await you. The discipline of liberal arts is an interdisciplinary field covering various topics within humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and formal sciences. As you work through your degree, you pick several skills.
Your major also determines the extent of your knowledge. You can major in art, psychology, math, or astronomy. Recently liberal arts has also picked up significant momentum. It has become just as valuable and credible as STEM subjects.
If you’re worried about making a career but don’t wish to become an engineer or doctor, try your hand at liberal arts. Here’s what’s in store for you with a liberal arts degree:

1.      You Are Ready For Various Careers

Liberal arts has been under massive criticism for decades. These criticisms stemmed from misconceptions about the degree itself. The argument goes around that the degree is not as competitive or in demand as STEM programs are. However, that is not the case. Liberal studies are multidisciplinary. They branch over many concepts and subjects that give them the necessary education and skills to excel in their careers. Since the degree itself is so flexible, you can quickly obtain an online liberal studies degree and work in different fields. These include elementary and middle school teachers, lawyers, counselors, and accountants.

2.      You Pick On Versatile Skills

Employers of today want skills over education. That doesn’t mean you get to skip college and apply for a job right away. It means along with your education, try developing strong interpersonal skills. These include effective communication, creativity, confidence, and problem-solving skills. They even want candidates with strong leadership qualities, and studying liberal arts gives you these skills. You are in charge of projects, submit research, work in teams, and make presentations. Since you get exposed to so many environments, it is only natural you adapt. Therefore, as a liberal studies major, you won’t have trouble giving an interview and making a lasting impression.

3.      You Work with Machines

You may have heard how automation has replaced most labor. Hence you will work alongside machines as a liberal studies major. Although automation has made manual labor easy, such as introducing machines and algorithms, it is also a significant cause of unemployment. However, the rise in the machine’s ability has made liberal arts graduates more relevant. Your knowledge of social sciences, humanities, and psychology makes it necessary to create AI solutions since an AI machine cannot create them.

4.      Excellent Salary

Most liberal art majors earn almost as much as a computer science graduate. It debunks the myth that you don’t have the opportunity to make good money if you graduate with liberal studies. Since you get to experiment in various fields, you get a chance to find which career is suitable for you and how much salary you are comfortable with. Sure, initially, when you start work, you may earn slightly less than a STEM graduate, but over time your salary increases. The more you excel in your career, the higher you make, so at no point, as a liberal arts graduate, you’ll feel you’ve hit a roadblock with your job.

5.      You Are Innovative and Relatable

Liberal art graduates are innovative. Their education polishes their mindset and perspective on the world around them, so they are incredibly open-minded and adaptable to change. As a liberal studies major, it is not unusual for you to question, discuss and suggest changes to a project. Your consistent dialoguing helps create innovative products and ads that can entice customers. Creativity is essential for any business since mundane products and repetition of the same marketing tactics can bore firms and consumers alike. Your suggestions may be what helps keep a company in for the long haul. If you’re wondering what career you can occupy in a business, you can be in marketing, public relations, and advertisements.

6.      Prepares For Creating New Jobs

Liberal art colleges prepare students for the current job market and careers that have not been designed yet. According to the US department of labor, 65% of current students will go into fields that haven’t been created yet. It means your skills and knowledge prepare you for the future. It won’t be a surprise if some liberal art students become pioneers of new careers. Liberal arts students know how to handle the technology, so you might work alongside engineers in designing and working with algorithms.

7.      Commitment to Making the World Better

Liberal art majors make for excellent social workers. It is because most liberal art majors have a strong sense of civic responsibility. Most liberal majors spend a copious amount of their academic careers volunteering in public universities upholding community service. If you want to make a difference in reshaping communities and lives, you should get into social work.
Your collective education in psychology and sociology makes you suitable for this job. You understand human psychology enough to help them to appropriate help. As you work with people, you can work with veterans, the elderly, and children. Your area of focus includes substance abuse and poverty. You can also help people recover from alcoholism, eating disorders, and mental disorders. As social workers, you also work collaboratively with hospitals, counselors, and public health workers, to help people get back on their feet.

Wrap Up

Liberal studies majors are multidisciplinary individuals who have knowledge and skills that make them suitable for many careers. Most majors are confident, well-spoken, and creative. They bring innovation and dialogue into a workplace that encourages a business to stay relevant and entice customers.
Most liberal art majors are also suitable for working with technology; they can create algorithms and maintain them. The education they receive also prepares them for future careers and not just the local job market. Finally, liberal art majors can also be the driving force behind uplifting communities through their understanding of sociology and psychology.