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How a Small Company Envisions Career Empowerment

Relevant, intelligent, and personal, these are the key components in Lensa’s job board that has already helped millions of people find a job, improve their larger career prospects, and given them direction as they navigate the fast-changing treacherous landscape of today’s job market.

Scaling Up a Job Board in a Competitive Tech Environment

When it comes to empowering job seekers to make informed decisions about their careers, information is king. In a competitive tech environment, information is more commonly referred to as data points. How helpful a job board is to both job seekers and employers depends on how many data points can be analyzed, how quickly, and how the information can then be used to reach the predefined objectives.

Lensa gathers data points from billions of job descriptions. Advanced AI technology then extrapolates clues on which jobs and occupations are trending and combines these insights with resumes and work history from job seekers to empower them to make informed decisions about their careers.

The Building Blocks of Job Portals

For a job portal to be successful, it needs to hit the 3 “ins”: it needs to be intelligent, intuitive, and interactive.

Personalization (user log-in)

Create a personal profile and enter data about your work history and the criteria for the job you want. Lensa’s AI can then help you save time in your job search by filtering out jobs that don’t interest you while steering you towards jobs that would be a better match.

Search Filters

By changing your job preferences to remote + job title, you can find employment opportunities for remote workers. You can also narrow down your search by region and a host of other useful filters.

Job Search Tips and Advice

In addition to videos and articles about trends in the job market, how to write a cover letter, how to impress the hiring manager during a job interview, and every other topic related to job search, Lensa also offers a free work style game. This feature provides job seekers with a fun way to discover their hidden talents which could potentially steer them on the right course in their career journey.

Resume Improvement Services

Lensa has relationships with many partner agencies. One of whom, TopResume, offers free resume feedback for Lensa members.

Envisioning Career Growth

Career growth goes far beyond simply moving from one position to another position with greater responsibility and more pay. Career growth – at least the way Lensa envisions it – implies helping job seekers find the right job with the right company in the right sector of activity.

Lensa is more than a traditional job portal. Lensa uses advanced AI technology to better match job seekers with positions they are likely to excel at. Lensa also uses gameplay that allows job seekers to discover their true talents and identify positions where their talents will be put to best use.

Lensa goes far beyond the services of a traditional old fashioned job portal. Lensa approaches job search in terms of career path and career development. We understand that a job isn’t necessarily the same as a career. And while we strive to help job seekers find jobs, what gives us even greater satisfaction is helping job seekers get on the career path that is right for them and empowering them to make the most informed decisions possible.

Final Remarks

Let’s find your dream job. This is not only the Lensa catchphrase; it is also the purpose, focus, and objective of Lensa’s AI-powered job portal.

A dream job should be more than a temporary solution to a serious problem. A dream job should be a position with a company in an environment where the worker can put their talents to the best use possible and where the worker can grow and develop.

A dream job does more than simply satisfy a dream. A dream job should serve to better define the dream, expand on it, and give the dream dimension and volume that were otherwise unimagined.

Let’s find your dream job. This is the lofty ambition of Lensa. And thanks to our subscribers – now numbering over ten million – we are seeing the fruits of our hard work coming to bear, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds – not only for Lensa but for the millions of job seekers who turn to us for help each month.