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HotshopTM: Enabling Businesses Recreate Proximity

It is brand design and message that interacts with customers and attracts them. It has become important for brands to maintain their traditional brand image while staying at the cutting-edge. A creative brand agency, HotshopTM believes that brands are facing a difficult period to convince and hold back consumers. The level of trust has dramatically fallen and marketing rules have strongly mutated. The brand proof has taken over the brand promise, and marketing experimentation and iteration have replaced traditional marketing studies. Hence, it is time to reconnect the brand to the ground, to the nature of the product, to the companies’ roots and to the consumers’ life.
HOTSHOP™ is an independent branding and design agency, founded in 1981 by Raymond Redon. The agency mainly collaborates with FMCG brands in the food and non-food sectors. HOTSHOP™ has a turnover of more than 5 million euros and employs more than 50 people. The agency is present in Italy since 2007. Its capacities comprises Naming, Strategy, Identity, Packaging, Structural design, Experience design, Digital and social communication, Brand content HotshopTM places the brand and the consumer in a collaborative process in order to recreate proximity through a sincere and true methodology. Its approach is mainly based on a design doing culture to which it calls grounded branding and design.
A Novel Approach 
Hotshop’sTM approach follows a fluid and progressive path, perpetually in active contact with the field. It involves all the actors including marketing team, consumers, experts, R&D, etc. of the project in co-construction mode so that all the insights guide, inspire and nourish the project. It is a question of creating a dynamic chain able to keep the reflection and the active creativity to worsen each confrontation ground through a systematic concretization of the solutions.
Exemplifying Proficiency 
HotshopTM is led by industry veterans and professionals. One member of its core team is its Vice President, Laurent Collangettes. Combining marketing and design has always been Laurent’s goal He believes that the brand identity is a powerful and emotional reflection of the brand idea. Building together these both aspects is the best opportunity to engage consumers on a true relationship. From Added Value to Lonsdale and now Hotshop™, Laurent has accompanied many brand creation and recreation for clients such as Coca- Cola, Danone, Heineken, Henkel, Mars, Mondélez, Nestlé, and Unilever.
Key Principles 
Hotshop™ is dedicated to companies and brands going through a deep and important transformation to regain proximity with their consumers. In order to meet this goal, Hotshop™ works with 5 principles, which includes a collaborative process with its customers and their consumers, a true and compelling brand idea, a crafted and tailored design, a multimedia brand identity and content management, and a short time-to-market capacity. 
Being Customer Centric 
According to Hotshop™, consumers, and especially the millennials, have become marketing, communication and design experts. They can decrypt in a second an image and a message, accept it or reject it. A brand has to now prove its purpose and do it in a sincere way. In this context, visual and verbal branding are more than ever managed together to assert the right compelling truths. Taking this into consideration, the company has designed its process to experiment and adjust its work with consumers at each stage.
Secondly, in the opinion of Hotshop™, packaging is no longer FMCG brands’ major identity and communication medium in a phygital world. Understanding consumers’ expectations at each touch points and delivering the right experience and/or message to captivate all their attention is the new challenge. Hotshop™ provides 4 disciplines to meet this goal of consumers, which includes Brand strategy and brand content, Brand identity and packaging, Structural and experience design, and Digital and social network communication. 
Testimonials from the Clients 
“Hotshop™ is a great partner for strategic thinking and design creation. Hotshop™ has demonstrated its agility and creativity during the launch of Avril Filières d’Élevages. Nice deliveries with, impactful films and brochures.” – Marie Grimaldi Groupe Avril
“The work Hosthop™ delivers is always very creative and straight.” – Gilles Nouailhetas Cadum 
“Hotshop™ has a very clear understanding of our issues and always respond with a high level of passion and engagement. The creativity is very diverse with a strong realistic sensitivity.” – Richard Le – Moult Pernod Ricard
“The senior mangament is involved from the very beginning of the project until the artwork delivery. It is very important to conduct the project in a fluid and efficient way.” – Augustin de VULPIAN Interma