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Honeywell to offer home energy management software for utilities

Honeywell announced that it will offer new home energy management software to help its utility customers maintain electrical grid stability. With this software and its energy efficiency insights, homeowners will be able to lower their energy costs and see how their behaviors impact their monthly energy bills. The software works with most of the Wi Fi brands and models and will work with Honeywell’s Lyric T5 Wi Fi thermostat by this summer.
Honeywell is collaborating with Whisker Labs and will incorporate its Connected Savings IDSM (Intelligent Demand Side Management) technology platform into its portfolio of software and services for utilities. Connected Savings supports utility demand response and energy efficiency programs by integrating data from connected devices with its proprietary data to model, manage, and optimize home energy usage. It allows utilities to send intelligent instructions directly to a thermostat to temporarily reduce home energy use while maintaining the homeowner’s comfort. The platform’s communications capabilities also allow utilities to send signals to change thermostat temperatures and scheduling for customers who opt into energy efficiency programs for increased energy savings. Other features of the Connected Savings platform are thermodynamic modeling and scorecard with actionable insights.
“We know from experience that even small, incremental changes in energy use can yield significant results – from improving grid stability to trimming how much customers spend on their utility bills. Honeywell’s work with Whisker Labs reflects our mutual commitment to deliver impactful services and technologies that drive these changes,” said Nitin S. Kulkarni, President of Smart Energy, Honeywell Home, and Building Technologies.
“Together, we will bring our energy intelligence to more utilities and consumers, helping save energy during peak times and anytime that heating and cooling is used, while enabling a more sustainable environment,” said Robert Marshall, chief executive officer, Whisker Labs.
Honeywell and Whisker Labs will demonstrate the technology at the DistribuTECH 2017 Conference and Expo Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in San Diego.