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Pierre-Olivier DESCHAMPS | Founder & CEO | Homido VR by HMD Tech

Homido VR: Leveraging Technology to Deliver an Exquisite VR Experience

What is reality, if not the incarnation of our imagination?
How often do we contemplate the power that our imagination holds? Would it surprise you to know that every technological innovation known to the humankind is the manifestation of someone’s imagination?
The innovation of Augmented and Virtual Reality and the mediums of experiencing them were conceived from the very purpose of bringing imagination to life. This innovation paved the way for numerous companies tapping into its potential applications and the experiences it can deliver.

“The HOMIDO brand has decided to move towards a more B2B strategy and participate in major projects that have a meaning and a usefulness for health, for example beyond the use of leisure.”

This edition, Top 10 Companies Leading the AR/VR Revolution 2021, emphasizes on companies that have leveraged the capabilities delivered by this innovation. And one prominent name among those companies is Homido VR by HMD Tech.
In the following interview with Insights Success, Pierre-Olivier DESCHAMPS, the Founder and CEO, briefs us about the company’s global ascension and his opinions on the present and future of the AR/VR niche market.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
Brief our readers about Homido VR, your niche market, and your vision.
Homido is a leader in the VR market since 2014. The HOMIDO brand—specialist in mobile virtual reality—was created to make virtual reality accessible to everyone. Our philosophy is that everyone has already got a part of virtual reality in their pockets, we offer the tools to efficiently access it via the smartphone, and in providing the ecosystem with hardware and accessible software without any needs of knowledge in VR area.
HOMIDO products have been google certified and French Tech labelled since 2015. We offer a range of VR products in different formats, dedicated to different uses:

  • Marketing: we offer customization program for big brands that would like to surf on the VR waves
  • Education: Partner of the google expedition program since 2015, and partner of dozens other educational programs, HOMIDO is a major actor in this field with more than 250,000 students using our products every day in more than 3500 school around the world.
  • Health: we are partners of some health programs in European countries (Germany/UK mostly). VR can help in some diseases like Phobias, visual impairment, hypnosis, etc.
  • Entertainment, sports, or training are also some uses we are developing with our partners.

HOMIDO is a key player in mobile VR. The brand is distributed throughout the world in around 50 countries mostly in B2B fields.
We have 4 antennas of the company around the world which bring USD 5 million turnover in 2020:

  • Homido France for European and American market
  • Homido Japan for Asia market
  • Homido Russia:
  • Production department located in China

From the Made in France product design/app development to the hardware production in China, the whole value chain is kept under control to bring quality and reliability to users.
Then, we also have warehouses located in China, Belgium, USA to be reactive for every customer.
What makes your company a preferred choice over your competitors? List the products and your expertise that you want to highlight in this article.
We have been specialists in the VR field for seven years and we have sold millions of pieces, which allows us to get a large volume of feedback to always improve our products to match with our customer request.
We have developed our range of products with engineers and optics specialists to offer the best experience to everyone.
Quality products:
The Homido Prime is currently the best virtual reality headset on the Mobile VR market. Quality of lenses and comfort are just the best of the market. Our handmade lenses with trademark “True immersion optics” are the most efficient in the market for VR mobile, and this product is made to be used with your own glass (for glass wearers).
The patented HOMIDO MINI product is a real marketing tool, it is a perfect on-the-go VR smartphone accessory. This is the smallest VR headset in the world as it is foldable, and we can custom it very easily, that’s why Hundreds of big brands like Disney, Hugo-Boss, Microsoft, SONY, Nestlé, Chanel, Oracle, Orange, Docomo, SoftBank… and much more are working with us for their marketing campaign, and more than millions of pcs have been sold in 2020 for marketing uses.
As the Founder and CEO, brief our readers about yourself and your goal with Homido.
I Graduated from HEDEC business school in 2008, and now with more than 12 years’ experience in international business, I’m always looking for new experiences and opportunities.
My goal is to make the HOMIDO brand a real tool and help people in different sectors such as health or education and to push the products beyond leisure use. The choice to be able to personalize the products allows a real highlighting of our partners.
Being in a leadership position, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the AR/VR products industry? And what developments can be expected in the near future?
Virtual reality can help in this pandemic context and can be a real solution.
The great advantage of virtual reality is that it allows the user to be transported to a place without all the constraints of time or travel.
For education, many schools have been closed or are continuing online, virtual reality education allows you to keep in contact with teachers by keeping a visual and having real immersive content that captures the attention of students at their home.
These are new technologies that will be exploited more for the future, in order to anticipate new crises or lock-down in the future.
What is your opinion on the necessity for AR/VR companies to align their offerings with latest technological developments, especially when it comes to catering to the ever-evolving consumer needs and preferences?
The technology sector is constantly evolving, you have to constantly adapt. Uses are changing, fading effects. I think that when we have a tool like virtual reality in our hands, we must first exploit all these possibilities.
As an established busines leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the AR/VR industry?
Do not hesitate to embark on new projects, even the craziest, always listening to new projects, doing many partnerships with different companies having a project whatever it is, the Uses are very varied, and we can always find a solution to the development some projects, without falling into fiction either.
How do you envision on sustaining your company’s competency in this ever-cutthroat business ecosystem? Where do you see your company in the next five years?
The HOMIDO brand has decided to move towards a more B2B strategy and participate in major projects that have a meaning and a usefulness for health, for example beyond the use of leisure. We want to give meaning and real utility today.
That’s why we are really involved into such project in marketing, Education, training, Sport in VR, health for visually impaired people (in partnership with GIVE VISION company in UK).