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Homerider Systems: Rendering IoT Solutions by Embedding the Need with Technology

In today’s world municipal corporations and industrial organizations are in a quandary state to sort out the problem of digitization of the water resources. As an answer to their dilemmas, Homerider Systems has come-up with numerous tailor-made IoT programs for the municipal, commercial and industrial customers by transforming their daily operations with digital water & energy services. Homerider’s IoT program focuses on the accurate collection of data and faster provision of precise solutions. Though, Homerider is already the talk of the town, and has created prominent footprints in the French market, it is looking forward with a projectile vision towards the future, and is deliberately expanding its international presence with the help of Veolia Group’s global reach.
Rendering Solutions with Modernism
Homerider is dedicated towards delivering an interoperable ecosystem of intelligent sensors, including meters, pressure and acoustic loggers, water quality probes and many more, within a single unified wireless network. For raising the bar of Digital Water Management, Homerider proudly shares its credits with Fusion Platform, which is a cloud based data management system concentrated on collecting cumulative data from all the devices unified under various connectivity networks. Fusion Platform outshines among other competitors by delivering accurate performance parameters including water balance, network efficiency and quality, thus supporting water operators to adopt smooth as well as the best water management practices. Going hand in hand with the Fusion application, Homerider is offering a cloud based data management platform and is currently supporting more than 5 million smart devices of its industrial as well as municipal customers.
Being agile is Homerider’s strength, they are working on expanding its business over various domains, Homerider has not only worked on water management, but also in building energy monitoring and Tank Level Monitoring for oil & gas industry. They also provide integrated solution for Smart Water & Energy Networks with daily accurate performance indicators and digital monitoring solutions with unrivaled TCO, delivering useful IoT experience to various sizes of industries and municipalities.
Envisioning the Need of IoT
After serving for 10 years in the telecommunication industry, Xavier Mathieu, jumped into the IoT industry with a mission to bring significant changes in the industry with his innovative ideas. In the year 2010, Xavier joined Homerider as the Director of International Sales, but soon with his significant growth outcomes Xavier took over the General Management of Homerider in 2015, in order to transform Homerider to become the worldwide reference of Environmental IoT. Under Xavier’s guidance Homerider Systems has been heavily involved in optimizing environmental resources. Their extensive portfolio of robust and non-intrusive smart sensors allows them to create turnkey solutions to promote a cost efficient, energy efficiency and performance oriented solution.
Evolving with the Evolution
At Homerider, they strongly believe that municipal and industrial customers are ready to switch to the online monitoring solutions if and only if the proposal satisfies the magical quadrant of  “best price, best connectivity SLA, best range, and best lifespan with minimum 10 years of lifetime.” With LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT arriving, Homerider is all set to grab the opportunity to deliver compliant solution for municipal and industrial sectors. Working in parallel with the designing of connected objects delivering the right amount of useful data, they are also working on the dataset and payload per connected objects, which would tend to be the objective differentiator for users. After undergoing rigorous R&D, the Homerider team could get into a solution that, industrial enterprises need fast and accurate operational data, while municipal buyers are eager to have a long lasting solution with reliable SLA. But, LPWAN/IoT must result in adaptive yet high performing and useful package in order to satisfy both slow as well as fast business cases.
Setting up Milestones while Marching Towards Success
With KAPTA solution, Homerider raises the bar for Water Quality Monitoring standards. This solution was successfully implemented during the COP21 conference to secure the water network from terrorist attacks. Being a unique partnership between public and private entities to enable the uninterrupted surveillance of the water quality within the drinking water networks, the security system acquired high praises in the global platform. With the success at COP21, they presented the system to the Moroccan authorities in the next conference at COP22.
Overcoming the Challenges with Passion
Detecting the presence of pollution elements is a great task of its kind. With Homerider’s solution, the identification of the substances used in the event of voluntary pollution has become an easy task. By this way, the Homerider’s solution can not only detect the issues on the water network, but also can locate and decrypt the chain of events to lead a fast and adapted corrective action. Homerider Systems goes one step further than just collecting data and offering a global solution to help the management for their network. Their services guide client’s decisions in terms of maintenance and management of their assets.
Buckling-up for the Future
At Homerider, they believe in upcoming IoT adoption in the municipal market. With their out-of-the-box offers and far sighted vision, they expect to achieve their goal and become the one and only worldwide reference for Environmental IoT. Taking it as a challenge, Homerider is working hard towards creative teamwork, thus working together with their clients in order to deliver simple, useful yet cost effective IoT experiences.

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