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High-tech Devices Useful for Your Business

High-Tech devices for business

The market is filled with tech gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. Their capability to improve productivity and efficiency in your business is indispensable. Following are some of the must-haves for a capitalist:
Wearable Translator
Technology has now made it possible to carry out business on a global platform. This means it is now possible to meet, do business and cooperate with businesses in far away latitudes. ‘Ilis wearable translator’ is one of such gadgets that make it possible to record and translate your conversations in real time. It helps you traverse the language barrier easily, without the need of complex systems or translators. So if ever you have faced challenges in real time translation while cracking a deal, you can relax now. Meeting with clients who can’t speak your language is now possible with the help of such a gadget.
Electronic signature tech
The reams of office paper your business uses to print contracts and other official documents take up huge cabinet space. San Francisco-based DocuSign is an extremely effective online tool for inking deals with contractors, vendors, and clients. The cloud-based facility lets you upload important documents and share them securely with anyone. Accounts start at $15 per month with an annual plan. Your clients get a notification via e-mail that they need to sign a document; and when they log in, they are prompted to draw their signature or initials in the appropriate blanks and boxes.
A compact projector
It is easy to make presentation and pitches with the help of a compact projector. For example, ‘Cube’ is a cube-shaped projector, which you can hold single-handedly. It performs well with all HDMI/MHL devices and can make a 120-inch display. You will instantly be fond of this gadget for the compact size and superior performance. It is definitely the easiest, reliable and convenient way to make projections during management meeting or while meeting clients. You can learn more about office projectors here.
Wire-free charging
There’s a device named WhattUp that uses Bluetooth, RF and its own tech to deliver power to phones, tablets and other devices within a specified radii of 15-foot. The device has a variety of customizable settings. It can also prioritize items that are lowest on battery power.
Conference Cameras
For serious video conferencing, it’s possible to go too small. Though there are built-in webcams inside laptops or tablets which are sufficient for one-on-one chats if you add more than two people things could possibly get crowded. A Swiss device-maker Logitech introduces BCC950 ConferenceCam with the size which is just right. It’s astonishingly nimble for a full-motion, HD studio-quality webcam that zooms, pans and inclines. Picture the cameras you see following the action on ESPN, except the BCC950 is about $250 and so compact that you won’t need a camera crew or pulley system to move it around the workplace. The unit requires excellent broadband internet service to work properly, but assuming the right connectivity, this tool delivers top-notch video and sound for small meetings.
Hands-free car kit tech
Work never ceases within the work territory, and that means you will almost certainly be working in your car. Answering a phone call while driving isn’t much safer and to text while you drive is also illegal in many places. In such situations, touch-free speakerphone devices are a true savior.
For example, S4 True Hands-free car kit is a slim gizmo that costs about $100 and attaches to the sun visor in your car. It’s voice-activated device by which you can answer and make calls using simple verbal commands, and it’s suited to most BlackBerry and Android smartphones. It also reads out incoming text messages and even driving guidelines if you’re using certain GPS enabled apps. Your concentration will be on the road, but you won’t let any business pass you by.
Mobile printer tech
When you’re packing up for a business trip, you would be least concerned about taking a portable printer with you, but you never know when you’re going to need to print a contract, photo or invoice. When the moment calls, you want to be ready regardless of the device you are printing, be it a computer, laptop or smartphone. This list represents the very best in portable printers that can fit into a backpack and squeeze onto a hotel or office desk.
For example, Epson Workforce wf-100 mobile printer is a ten-on-ten when it comes to true portability. The 20-sheet capacity can print 100 black and white pages (and 50 color pages) while operating dependently on the battery. The Epson requires a brief setup run-through via the small 1.4-inch color LCD display.
Digital Car Connect Tech
A new class of devices is being developed that capture your vehicle’s computer sensor data using your vehicles on-board diagnostic port (OBD II is available on cars built from 1996 and thereafter) and adds a layer of additional features on top.
These devices turn this information into a resource to help effortlessly understand a check-engine light, regulate your insurance rate grounded on how/when you actually drive, and craft added safety features through tracking and emergency response services. Automatic Pro is one such device.
Smart Wallets Tech
A smart wallet effectively replaces your myriad of cards, be it credit, debit, store or more, with a single general purpose alternative.
Just swipe or scan each card’s details into this electronic gadget (it can store up to 10,000), select the one you want at the checkout counter using its touchscreen interface, and the Wocket will install the appropriate card’s information onto the rewritable Wocket card. There are a voice and PIN-based security provision for ensuring your cards’ safety, too. If you’re loaded with dozens of cards, this could be the smartest wallet of the lot.
Above mentioned gadgets can give you razor sharp competitive edges and add up to your workforce to leverage your enterprise onto higher limits.

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