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Hidden Iceland: Helping to Discover the Hidden Treasures

Iceland, the hidden gem of Europe is a mysterious land of fire and ice, waterfalls, volcanoes, wild landscapes and glaciers. In recent time Iceland has started hitting the headlines due to the immense possibility when it comes to tourism. So, born Hidden Iceland a boutique travel company in Iceland with its focus on offering personalized trips across the country. The organization helps its guests to hike on glaciers, discover ice caves, walk on active volcanoes and search for hidden gems while still ticking off the most popular places along the way.
The amazing sights of Iceland are obviously a large component of the organization’s products. However, Hidden Iceland believes that travelling with one of its experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guides can transform any trip from good to unforgettable. The company has designed the trips in such a manner that the leaders are even proud to take their family and friends on.
The Leader who believes in Crafting Best Experiences 
Dagný Björg Stefánsdóttir is the Sales ManagerCEO, and Co-owner of Hidden Iceland. Together with the General Manager Scott Drummond, both have crafted each itinerary with customer experiences and expectations in mind. While growing up in the tranquil and remote West Fjords, she gained an understanding and knowledge of the uniqueness of Iceland. Dagný would often explore the hidden gems in a tent with her parents and grandparents during summers. Soon, she developed a belief that the focus within the tourism industry needed to be adjusted back towards crafting the best possible experiences for the guests who visit Iceland. So, Dagný and her team want the guests to leave Iceland with fond memories of the beautiful country and stories to share around the dinner table for years to come.
Growing by Leaps and Bounds 
As a company Hidden Iceland is still very young. However, when it comes to the growth, it has grown beyond the expectations during the first year and half. The organization believes, the success by far is a result of hard work, personalized service, unique trips, honesty and transparency towards its guests. The best part is, even at this early age Hidden Iceland has welcomed its guests to Iceland again as they left wanting know and see more about the amazing country.
The company always strives to be as flexible and solution driven as possible no matter how hard the wind blows and snow falls in the unpredictable winters. Currently, TripAdvisor has ranked Hidden Iceland at number three overall out of 386 tour operators from Reykjavík, with incredible feedback from its guests which always reflects the organization’s values and shows that its hand-picked guides can make its clients feel like they are travelling with a group of family and friends.
Tackling Challenges 
With the name Hidden Iceland, the organization often faces growing visitor numbers to the most celebrated sights it visits. Guests often contact the organization when starting to plan their trip to Iceland, wanting to avoid the crowds but still wanting to see all the popular highlights. So it’s then up-to the organization to manage expectations, time it perfectly while travelling to those locations, and mix it with visiting hidden sights. In certain seasons mass tourism becomes even more apparent in some locations, so knowing how to work around them is the real challenge. However, this can be done by venturing further and sometimes higher than other tour operators out there.
Helping Clients to Enrich their Experience 
According to Hidden Iceland, media often portrays Iceland as becoming overcrowded more and more. With only one international airport the guests are all directed in the same direction on day tours from Reykjavík during the day and on northern lights trips during the evening so this sentiment is easy to believe. However the reality is that Iceland is big, as large as England in fact.
So, if anyone is willing to travel to the unexplored areas with the company, sleep in converted farm guest houses, taste the local cuisine then he/she is not only enriching his/her own experiences, but also diversifying the travel sector and helping out the locals living in the lesser known areas
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