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Herrington Technology: Offering New Age Solutions Propelling Customer Experience

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Herrington Technology focuses on enabling its clients to leverage SAP solutions for better business success and growth.
It is a niche technology enterprise firm which provides advanced SAP solutions. Herrington Technology is a multi-channel firm with the capability to customize and tailor-made nature and size of its products vary by client. Herrington Technology’s SAP Business Software Channel includes software, advisory, top implementation expertise, integration and extensions/components for best in class delivery. A core purpose at Herrington Technology is to directly serve each client’s core business objectives, including the growth of their business, success with ERP SAP systems we help them deploy.
The Inception Story
Herrington Technology was initiated during the worst economic recession where the founder “started from the ground up” without any resources, funding or facility. This was a very unsettling time of financial and socio-economic crisis in America when most people were struggling to understand the impacts and dealing with the slowing down process in business and economy, along with the following recessionary period. The most significant thing that drove this leading niche, advanced technology, and Future-Gen solution provider was its core tough leadership, which made the company survive through an unprecedented set of natural and man-made disasters including a 70- year hurricane and much more.
Let’s meet the virtuous leadership of Herrington technology:
The Leading Light
The backbone of the success of the company is Valery Herrington, the Founder and CXO of Herrington Technology. Based out of Manhattan, Valery is a highly respected global technology business solutions leader. She not only inspires the team at Herrington Technology with real insight into the industry but also with her hands-on work ethic as the CXO.
Her leadership is regarded within the industry to be at the forefront of advanced technology and SAP ERP change and innovation which touches at the core of many businesses around the globe, and Valery herself is considered one the world’s top SAP technology experts. It was that extensive knowledge about the SAP industry and her cumulative career expertise that led her to start Herrington Technology in 2009.
Valery studied Economics, German and Computer Science in college. She then graduated with an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a continued focus on technology for business finance, and healthcare.
After forming this solid theoretical and active hands-on base through her education, Valery worked at many groundbreaking companies in Silicon Valley. She immersed herself in the technology and worked on the development of emerging products, databases, operating systems, performance tuning, security integrations and customizations with enterprise programming languages. She achieved additional business credentials, graduating with an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a continued focus on technology for business, finance and healthcare while building the business, working for clients and taking courses at Princeton University and Sanford University.
Flagship Product and Other Solutions
Herrington Technology can now deliver a broad range of advanced technology products and solutions. Many of the solutions that Herrington Technology delivers are considered to be highly specialized, The list includes Intel processors and boards, endpoint data protection services for the best value in cyber security protection, niche advisory services, project transformation services that can be extended to HPC platforms, its own brand label products like PCAAS and other related services for like asset transition. The company also operates a robust FIN Tech channel and embeds its customer loyalty program in every aspect of its delivery. In many cases, the solutions and services are considered to be highly value-driven and, in many cases, uniquely tailored to the client for the best in world-class delivery.
The flagship product line includes leading SAP solutions that can deliver better business success with increased ROI. Especially targeted at small and mid-size companies, Herrington Technology offers SAP business By-design, SAP Business One, JAM for Social Media, SAP HANA Platform development solutions. For larger companies, the company provides SAP Cloud and enterprise Business Suite solutions.
Other products include Windshuttle data loading requirements and RBE Plus for SAP Solution Manager Analysis—making it a ‘one stop shop’ for everything SAP.
Apart from this, the company offers HANA installation, configuration, and implementation services. Herrington Technology provides customized SAP HANA knowledge transfer and expertise to educate clients about the best available options prior to locking down and on a final solution and beginning the implementation process.
Exclusive Clientele Benefits
The company’s clientele includes large pharmaceutical, retail, finance, and high tech fortune 90 and mid-market firms.
Harrington technology provides customized solutions designed to fit each customer’s unique business and technology requirements for success and the process we use to differentiate us from other competitors”, states Valery expressing her views on clients’ benefits.
A Sneak peek into the Future
We are excited for our Future-Gen products and solutions. We have a lot planned at Herrington Technology R&D lab and division. We have already embarked on a journey that aims to blend the best of our firm’s R&D with specialized areas of instrumentation and look forward to bringing new advanced technology products and solutions to market for customer success. This is a very exciting and high-growth vantage point in industry. Coupled with thought leadership excellence and world-class objectives we are ourselves expecting a lot from every go-to-market delivery”, Valery asserts.
Herrington technology will continue to offer its customers advanced solutions that are designed to generate increased business value and success for customers.
We will continue to expand our deep commitment to technology innovation, leading business solutions and the development of new ways to meet the needs of our customers. We will continue to expand our portfolio of solutions, services, and products on the path of becoming a world class organization”, Valery concludes.