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Herrington Technology: Differentiated and Value-Driven SAP Delivery

Today’s fast changing business solutions market includes dynamic factors like competition, efficiency, forecasting, collaboration, scalability, productivity, flexibility, customer service and streamlined processes. So, implementing ERP software, systems integration and project management has become a standard success route that ensures these capabilities are built-in to business operations. However, while implementing SAP ERP, the software, hardware and systems need to integrate with third-party solutions and tools. Herrington Technology, based in Manhattan, New York, is qualified to make sure that the implementation of all these aspects of advanced ERP solutions and systems integrations are operating top level. This U.S based powerhouse company also helps its customers with SAP S4/HANA installation, configuration, and implementation services along with unique, brand label capabilities that often lead the market sectors in one or more areas.
Established Top SAP Provider: High Value
Herrington Technology is a highly differentiated and value-driven business with established, certified SAP solutions and software. The firm specializes in the “best of breed” SAP ERP software and deployments. They have highly scalable capabilities that includes premier IBM SAP cloud services for rapid and top-level deployments. SAP niche Hotel for Business One software for businesses running in the hotel industry (luxury and standard), custom SAP partner development projects for showcase and on-demand code enhancements, niche system integration (SI) project go-live leadership, rare SAP project SWAT Team rescue capabilities and a full line of small to enterprise firm solution model with SAP when other organizations can’t deliver. The company owner also carries the weight of a highly mature active 30-year relationship with the SAP company. This business relationship generates extensive value for SAP customers and clients in the form of in-depth operational and in-network knowledge of how to navigate the ins and outs of SAP’s unique business software release cycles, features upgrades, strategic road maps and organizational support channels for maximized customer success. The company also provides services for the newest SAP flagship platform, S/4HANA digital core.
A Niche, Advanced Technology Enterprise
Herrington Technology SAP business channel operates within a specialized multi-channel organization with Herrington Technology brand label services and solutions. This brings incredible differentiated brand value to customer delivery. Recently, this worldclass SAP-ERP software and solutions channel value has been further extended by a smart-minded leadership move of corporate headquarters to New York. With increased value for doing business from New York with clients around the globe, the company also now provides essential FinTech market capabilities crucial to the success and survivability of financial services sector. Other specialized brand label innovations extend the firm’s niche beyond SAP ERP.
Respected, Qualified Leadership
A Manhattan-based visionary leader, Valery Herrington is the Founder and CEO of Herrington Technology. She has built the company from the ground up, that too during the worst economic condition since the great depression, which is a niche, advanced technology enterprise business today. Valery also holds a career designation of World’s Top SAP Technology Expert in cumulative expertise for a private practice owner-operator. She has also achieved degrees in Economics, German, Computer Science and a leading executive MBA degree with a specialized focus in business finance and digital technology for healthcare from John Hopkins Carey Business School. She earned recognition in industry as a “go-to” top expert for advanced, proprietary emerging big data VLDB and HPC systems and datacenter. She worked as a trusted advisor for “The A-list” of top IT firms located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. She is also pursuing her doctoral degree for advances in computer science and cybersecurity.
Growing Quality and Recognition in Brand
Herrington Technology is SAP EBM (Extended Business Member) certified which include many business technology certifications. In addition, the firm has achieved recognition as an SAP Powerhouse and Top Most Promising SAP Provider firm. The firm also has an established business showcase on the Corporate web site that spotlights important client success stories, case studies and rare industry level delivery recognition for prior work and opportunities. The company actively stays on the leading edge providing value-driven solution packages and top-notch brand label.
Success & A Challenging Industry
The industry dynamics and client requirements for ERP business customers is a highly demanding, fastpaced IT marketplace. To keep pace with the continuous marketplace challenges Herrington Technology has quickly attained certified capabilities for the latest SAP flagship Solution, SAP S/4HANA for digital core. Brand excellence and new R&D innovations, cybersecurity, FinTech, data protection and more extends capability. Herrington Technology continues to meet other competitive challenges in industry by being open to new requirements that other vendors cannot complete. As a top SAP ERP provider they work in a valued, SAP global supply chain of $700 billion-dollars and growing.
Taking A Step Up: Generating New Jobs of the Future
Herrington Technology, roles and opportunities emerge from the staffing network and from internal requirements with new jobs. The company is actively working in innovative ways to provide new jobs of the future.
Future with R&D Innovations
The company is continuously working on the leading edge of the advanced technology front to provide customers and industry with high quality value driven business products and solutions. The firm’s established strong market position for SAP software, services and systems implementation leads the way for growing and clients seeking to run on the new SAP digital core: SAP S/4 HANA. In addition, Herrington Technology organizational DNA continues to drive new R&D innovations, explore and develop completely new products and solutions for competitive advantage in superior customer delivery. Given today’s highly volatile and fluctuating global economy, this is a unique and important business hallmark. [Citation to professional announcement (public) SAP S/4HANA Launch, Mr. Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE, New York, Q1 2015.]

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