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Here are 10 ways to keep your Employees Productive

For a productive business, engaging company’s talent towards a productive culture of success is the most fundamental thing. There are some basic values for employee engagement, like there are for any company’s foundation. The company’s brand is built through both external as well as internal efforts.
What employees want is, to feel valued and challenged, also, to be trusted and given the freedom to explore and learn within the job. So, how do you decide what exactly you should do to find out and explore the capability of your employee? Having this exact quality named as leadership, which takes extra time and efforts.
So, the need of an hour is, to focus on the growth of teams and strengthening the capabilities of individuals that can make the team more effective, creating an environment of continuous innovation and initiative. Here is how you can consider to be more effectively engage your employees. These are inherent tips that employees desire from their leaders, and if implemented properly, will encourage employee engagement.
1. Let the team create their own set of values
Playing a game with your own rules makes the game a lot more interesting. For overall performance team cooperation has an immense importance. So, for the end product to be the best what you should do is, let teams create a team culture, based on 2-3 commonly agreed values or ground rules can help develop and speed up that process.
2. What about giving them personal projects
Give employees some personal project to handle. Letting people from different departments connecting and bouncing ideas can help get a new perspective. Projects and initiatives can provide new directions, encouraging a creativity and energy flow that would only benefit the business.
3. Having themed office days
For companies this initiative can bring a lot of fun and increase employee loyalty. Bringing some chocolates can help boost up employee morale and kill monotony at work. Don’t forget to greet, at least those whom you can see while heading to your office, this will bring a liveliness in the atmosphere and the employee will also get a feel of having some existence in the office.
4. Wall of team photos
The best way to boost employee engagement and motivate them is to have photos of your team on a wall, or just frame them around the office. Group photos, funny photos, event photos or random photos snapped when people weren’t watching are the source of positivity. It is also a cultural element that can encourage and promote work relationships and employee engagement.
5. Try to find the most positive capabilities in people
Just stop spending time being overly critical of what your employees are not doing right and identify what they are naturally, instead of that tend towards their qualities which gets them excited. Build a plan that utilizes their most positive capabilities to create the outcomes you desire. Give them the flexibility to navigate and explore how they can best contribute to your company. Try to communicate well and often. The most important of all is to communicate effectively.
6. Just stop creating tension unknowingly
Sometimes, leaders unknowingly create tension with their employees when they expect them to behave like they do, rather than encouraging them to be their selves. Remember, opportunities are everywhere, but few leaders have the eyes to see them. When employees are encouraged to be themselves and not what you want them to be, they will begin to embrace an entrepreneurial attitude that wasn’t previously being leveraged, in this way stimulating engagement. To be noted, employees respect leaders that allow them to use their most natural skills and characteristics. Employees are most productive when they don’t feel confined to an environment of limitations and constraints. So, just be more aware of what your employees need and stop unknowingly creating tension.
7. Try to recognize and encourage innovation
You must have heard some pretty inspiring ideas around the office. What about that project that came together so well and had some marvelous improvements that no one initially thought of? So what you should do is to find out who came up with that idea. Congratulate and recognize them publicly for going the extra mile.
8. Always celebrate achievements
Celebrations, let it be big or small, they are the proof that the work people are putting in has meaning. No one can go through tasks and assignments for months, or even years without hard work. What you should do is to refill their energy tanks with some celebrating their hard work. This is a great way to glue together teams. There are so many other reasons to celebrate too, like birthdays, promotions, retirements, newcomers welcoming, there are plenty of important moments where people can be put at the front of the company. This is a great and relaxing way of showing them that they matter.
9. Giving and receiving feedback
Give feedback to the employees work and do not forget to get a feedback from them too. Your feedback to the employee means a good work continues. And your employee feedback is some way of appreciation and some improvement, which will lead the business to the growth.
10. Why not try some unusual employee engagement ideas
Small things can make wonders sometimes. Like, having colored mugs at work or an awesome air freshener can create a new vital atmosphere in the office. To make a slight difference you can try an Art Team Building, it will encourage creativity and gives employees a different way to connect.
Overall, though, these ideas can appear employee centric, but it will direct benefit to the company or business. Happy employee means productive employee and productive employee means successful company.