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Heidi Morrissey, President, Kitchen Tune-Up

Heidi Morrissey: Changing the Lives of the Customers & Employees

The kitchen is likely to be the busiest room and one of the most used rooms in the home. While the kitchen may be the busiest and most used space, it is often also the last space in a home that is updated due to traditionally lengthy remodel timelines, mess and high remodel costs.
Heidi Morrissey – President at Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise System, is leading the charge changing the kitchen remodeling experience for consumers and changing how the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise is led. Heidi tends to lead with more non-traditional approach, and it works well for her at the company. “It is ok to be a traditional leader and equally ok to be a non-traditional leader,” she said. “It is important to speak up and let your voice be heard but also to listen and learn from all you encounter. There are many franchise experts that love to help others grow. If you approach with curiosity, almost all with give you advice and help.”
A Family-oriented Culture
Kitchen Tune-Up was founded in 1988 by Heidi’s father, Dave, and she joined his team in 2003. Prior to transitioning to the role of president in 2017, Heidi was the VP of Marketing & Sales. In 2020, the franchise launched their second brand, Bath Tune-Up. The culture is family oriented, and the bottom line is just as important as making the process easy for both the homeowner and the franchises. Her franchisees are known as Tunies, and the home office team is referred to as Homies. Her focus as leader of these two brands is creating relationships while creating a space that people are proud of in their homes.
A Leader in the Industry
As a second-generation franchise owner, Heidi strives to keep her franchise relevant, profitable, and a leader in the kitchen remodeling industry. Heidi’s goal is to attract like- minded entrepreneurs to her home improvement revolution; to remodel expectations by treating others the way the team wants to be treated by having FUN while working.
Heidi’s role is to help the owners find that perfect balance that they desire. Whether they want to be top performers or they are looking for a lifestyle that gives them more control over their time every day, Kitchen Tune-Up has a scalable model that can work for most. She also works to create the best home office team in the industry. The organization has been told, it is small but mighty.
Helping People
A testament to Heidi’s leadership style of helping others is reflected in her franchisees’ support of local organizations. Many of the owners give back to their communities by supporting non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity or A Precious Child. The franchisees are passionate about small businesses and use their platform to elevate those around. They are focused on growing their Kitchen Tune-Up teams by providing employment opportunities and empowering those they employ with processes and structured growth.
Nurturing Leaders
Heidi knows her leadership style nurtures and develops franchisees that are able to achieve their financial and personal goals. By being her authentic self, allowing curiosity and questions to lead conversations, Heidi is able shift traditional leadership mindsets and encourage growth. She and her team continue to move forward, make changes when needed, and keep a positive approach of learning and expanding.
Striving to keep Franchises Relevant & Profitable
Franchise owners are resilient, and while life shifted and changed for many in 2020, Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees found themselves in a unique position last year. Demand for kitchen remodeling was over 50 percent higher in 2020 over 2019, and Heidi and her Kitchen Tune-Up owners shifted the way they met with clients to safely meet that demand.
The high demand for kitchen updates allowed franchise owners to create new jobs in their community and support those affected by the pandemic. The company quickly normalized the changes in sales and installation, and the adaption allowed the owners to thrive during a challenging environment.
Creating fun while Growing Franchise
Through her time with Kitchen Tune-Up, Heidi and her team have developed a proven and successful system for franchisees to follow for success. For a franchise to be successful, they need to follow the prescribed systems. Heidi can see patterns and opportunities and builds structures around them to help her current and future franchisees find success.
Heidi plans to add around 75 new franchises each year to over the next five years to that her system has over 500 locations. She and her team know their leadership style will help franchisees grow into their goals through stellar training and support.