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HDBaseT Alliance: Revolutionizing In-Vehicle Connectivity

In recent years, the automotive sector has seen some unprecedented changes, which range from self-driving cars to cars that can communicate with each other. In real life, people want more from their cars, be it from the Heads-Up- Display, or from the Instrument Cluster & Head Unit. Nowadays cars also come with USB connectivity which enables portable devices to be connected with the car. Alongside all these, telecommunications also play a big part in cars nowadays. However, to connect all these together, one needs a robust system, which could perform these tasks every day without any issue. So, here enters the HDBaseT Alliance, which is a non-profit organization comprised of members from LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Valens, Daimler, Delphi, and Harman.. The Alliance advances a brilliant solution to the challenges in in-vehicle connectivity with a technology named HDBaseT Automotive, invented by Alliance co-founder Valens. It enables simultaneous tunneling of high-throughput video and data streams, over a single, low-cost unshielded cable, while keeping top performance and low latency in mind.
Revolutionizing Video Distribution
Since its inception, HDBaseT has revolutionized the video distribution sector. Along with that, it brings a rich feature set, increased reach and better performance than the solutions that are already present. The best part of the technology is the simultaneous delivery of uncompressed UHD digital video and audio, Ethernet, USB, control signals and power over a single cable. However, HDBaseT is currently being optimized for different markets, while addressing specific needs of sectors such as audiovisual, automotive, industrial PCs, etc. The common needs for these kinds of sectors are distribution of high-quality signals over the best, and lowest-cost infrastructure, as far as possible
The Dynamic President
The HDBaseT Alliance is managed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives of founding members from LG, Samsung, Sony Pictures, and Valens. Ariel Sobelman is the President of the Alliance and serves on the HDBaseT Alliance Board of Directors, representing Valens. With a massive experience of 12 years in high-level business development, industry standardization and strategic research experience, Ariel also serves as Valens’ Vice President of Corporate Alliances and leads the standardization process for HDBaseT technology. He is also the founding member of IEEE 1667 Transient Storage Device Authentication working group and also has been involved with the HDBaseT Alliance since its inception.
Showcasing Latest Products and Solutions
The HDBaseT Alliance represents its members in all the relevant industry trade shows, showcasing the latest products and solutions to its audiences. It increases the visibility of Alliance members, by providing the opportunity of having a stand-in-a-stand in the industry’s major shows. The Alliance’s website provides installers and integrators with a full list of members, and technical information about the technology, including use cases, real-life installation stories, white papers, and tutorials. Additionally, installers and integrators can also receive the HDBaseT Expert certification after attending the course conducted by the Alliance or one of the Authorized Trainers. It also provides a process for certification of HDBaseT products by using a website and a mobile app that helps users to check which products were certified for which feature, resulting in better interoperability and installation.
Adding to all these, the Alliance is always open to inquiries from both installers and integrators, regarding any aspect related to HDBaseT. Installers can reach out to the experts through the Installer Zone of Alliance, which is entirely dedicated to educating the market on technology through the use of several useful resources.
Providing Solutions that Fits the Best
According to the HDBaseT Alliance, the world is getting interconnected day by day. Users expect the best connectivity even in the existing infrastructure, in homes, offices and even in cars. Sometimes, less than top quality solves the purpose, but few times the market demands top notch quality and high performance to resolve the need of the end users. For example, in cases of a corporate setting, high-resolution transmission of content with zero latency increases the productivity and efficiency of the users. When it comes to industrial setting, a solution that can handle the size and noise in large manufacturing plants is necessary to enable better manufacturing capabilities. In the case of cars, an efficient in-vehicle connectivity infrastructure is essential to guarantee the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers as cars are becoming an extension of the connected world.  Additionally, the Alliance is also looking for new markets and sectors to penetrate as connectivity expands from realm to realm.
HDBaseT has also simplified and optimized the transmission of high-bandwidth multimedia content over a simple infrastructure for longer distances than possible. It continues to evolve the technology and sectors it targets, as per the market advancements and trends.
Bright Future
The HDBaseT Alliance is always working on future specifications and norms for HDBaseT technology. Recently, the Alliance is promoting its HDBaseT-IP technology. The new technology expands the realm of HDBaseT for better possibilities for installation, from in-room to cross-campus, providing installers and end users with more choices and better solution to address their needs, and even retains the standardization, interoperability, and future-proof of HDBaseT. Additionally, the Alliance is also working with its Automotive Work Group to finalize the specification of HDBaseT Automotive, and it is also working on issues such as cybersecurity and more.
Soon, the Alliance will hold its HDBaseT World Congress, where members and interested parties will come together to discuss the latest and future issues surrounding HDBaseT. The Congress is a great opportunity for members to know what to expect, and for potential parties to learn more about the technology and about activities of the Alliance.

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