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Haya Al-Sunaidi

Haya Al-Sunaidi: Empowering Through Elegance

Breaking Barriers, Setting Trends, and Inspiring Women in Saudi Arabia!

Entrepreneurship is a thrilling journey filled with ups and downs, where individuals showcase their unique ability to identify challenges and transform them into opportunities. It requires a keen eye for spotting gaps in the market, a creative mindset, and the drive to take risks.

Meet Haya Al-Sunaidi, the ingenious mind behind the Sunaidi Expo in Saudi Arabia and the driving force behind the dazzling success of Jewellery Salon. Her journey in the world of jewelry retail began as a young woman in Lebanon, but it was in her homeland of Saudi Arabia where she would embark on a mission to reshape the events in the nation’s jewelry industry.

Hailing from humble beginnings, Haya embarked on her journey in the realm of jewelry retail as a young woman in Lebanon. Fueled by an innate passion and an insatiable curiosity, she delved into the intricate world of jewelry, igniting a flame that would eventually lead her back to her homeland, Saudi Arabia. It was here, in her early 20s, that Haya set her sights on a bold mission – to break the confines that held the nation’s jewelry industry in check.

The path she chose was not without its challenges. The industry was bound by the influence of a select few elites, entangled in complex customs, and lacked a unified platform for jewelers. Armed with an unwavering spirit, Haya recognized these obstacles as opportunities for transformation. With a collector’s heart and an entrepreneur’s vision, she conceived the idea of the Jewellery Salon – an exhibition that would transcend boundaries, uniting local and international jewelers on a singular stage while catering to an exclusive clientele.

Yet, the journey was no walk in the park. In an industry predominantly controlled by men, Haya’s ascent was met with skepticism and resistance. In Saudi Arabia, which was still finding its footing on the global stage a decade ago, attracting foreign exhibitors seemed like an insurmountable challenge. However, Haya’s determination burned brighter than ever.

In 2009, she shattered the barriers that had kept her dreams at bay. The inaugural edition of the Jewellery Salon burst onto the scene, drawing praise and positive media attention. With each subsequent exhibition, Haya’s vision defied traditions and set new standards, carving a niche for itself in a sector that was ripe for innovation.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Pioneering Excellence in Event Organization

Sunaidi Expo & Conferences stands as the specialized International Exhibition Division of Sunaidi Trading Est., a subsidiary of the esteemed Al Fadl Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia. With its inception dating back to 1992, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has been at the forefront of orchestrating a diverse range of trade exhibitions. These exhibitions span various industry sectors, encompassing furniture & design, jewelry & watches, food & beverage, health & beauty, sports & fitness, as well as engineering & energy.

The organization’s legacy of over two decades has borne witness to its evolution as a prominent force in event management. Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has artfully forged enduring partnerships with governmental entities, trade associations, suppliers, and media entities. This collaborative network has been instrumental in ensuring the resounding success of its events. The organization’s extensive interactions, both on a local and international scale, have brought key industry leaders into their fold.

At present, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences stands as the preeminent event organizer in the Kingdom, celebrated for consistently delivering excellence in quality and exceptional value for its clients. With an illustrious history and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences continues to be a driving force in elevating the standards of event organization.

Elevating Event Experiences

Exhibitions: Crafting Excellence Beyond Expectations

Sunaidi Expo & Conferences is synonymous with adept and professional project management that aligns precisely with clients’ budgets, timelines, and objectives. Whether the event centers around trade dynamics or consumer engagement, the company’s tailored strategies comprehensively cover the spectrum. With years of experience and profound expertise, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences consistently exceeds its clients’ anticipations, handling the intricate task of exhibition organization seamlessly.

Forums and Conferences: Creating Immersive Experiences in Collaboration

Collaborating closely with local and international entities, Sunaidi Expo and Conferences specializes in curating immersive customer experiences. The company excels in facilitating corporate and industry-focused gatherings, conferences, and seminars. Its events provide an influential platform for esteemed professionals and industry leaders to cultivate connections and explore promising business prospects. The company’s meticulous management of logistics ensures the optimal realization of its events’ potential.

Festivals and Events: Orchestrating Remarkable Moments

Sunaidi Expo & Conferences extends its expertise to private companies and governmental bodies, actively participating in the organization of diverse festivals and events. Thanks to its comprehensive grasp of the local market and strategic relationships with key national entities, the company confidently executes events of any scale. From grand spectacles to the finest details, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences meticulously orchestrates every facet of the event, guaranteeing both organizers and attendees an extraordinary and distinctive experience.

Product Launches: Igniting Market Entry

In the realm of successful product launches that ignite triumphant market entries, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences stands as a trusted partner. Leveraging its prowess in marketing and advertising, the company orchestrates product launches designed not only to create anticipation but also to deeply resonate with the target audience. These meticulously crafted launches are dedicated to elevating the product and brand image, leaving an indelible mark on the consumer base.

Clients partnering with Sunaidi Expo & Conferences can rely on meticulous management across the board. The company’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses budget planning and management, strategic marketing campaigns, creative design and printing, on-site event management with security, cutting-edge sound and light equipment, and impeccable stage and set design backed by unwavering technical support.

Jewelry Salon: A Vision of Jewelry Excellence

The Jewelry Salon has a grand vision of reshaping Saudi Arabia’s jewelry industry by bringing together renowned international and local designers onto a single platform. This unique event aims to present luxurious and meticulously crafted ornaments to an exclusive audience, including high-profile personalities and royalty. Standing as the most exclusive jewelry exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, this show exudes an enduring charm and an aura of magnificence that is truly unparalleled.

With the determination to revolutionize Saudi Arabia’s jewelry scene, Haya Al Sunaida introduced The Jewelry Salon in 2009. Her goal was to open the doors to international designers in an industry largely dominated by a select few. A decade later, Haya’s unwavering commitment and experience in reshaping the sector have earned her brand the prestigious title of ‘The Jewel of Riyadh,’ bestowed by Sultan bin Saud Al Saud.

Jewelry Salon remains Saudi Arabia’s premier platform for showcasing exquisite fine jewelry and watches, welcoming both international and local brands. This platform offers informed visitors the opportunity to admire the precious exhibits in person. It is the unquestionable hub for significant purchases, offering discreet private seating areas for exclusive viewings. Jewelry Salon maintains its year-on-year growth, solidifying its position as the market leader in the sector.

Jewelry Salon is organized by Sunaidi Expo & Conferences, a specialized International Exhibition Division of Sunaidi Trading Est. This subsidiary company of the Al Fadl Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia has been orchestrating trade exhibitions across various industries since its establishment in 1992. With over two decades of event organizing experience, Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has forged enduring partnerships with government departments, trade associations, suppliers, and media companies. This expertise has positioned them as a leading event organizer in the Kingdom, committed to delivering exceptional quality and value to its clients.

Journey Through the Years:

For over a decade, Jewelry Salon has illuminated the landscape of Saudi Arabia’s jewelry industry, uniting revered international and local designers on a singular, magnificent platform. It’s a tale of transforming tradition, elegance, and innovation into a mesmerizing spectacle that continues to captivate high-profile personalities and royalty, crafting an aura of magnificence unique in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jewelry Salon remains an emblem of Saudi Arabia’s premier showcase for exquisite jewelry and watches, celebrating both global and local brands. Entering its 12th year, this opulent event graces under the patronage of the Saudi Royal Family, a testament to its royal significance. Drawing over 4,000 visitors, including high net-worth buyers and investors, it’s the sanctum of informed decisions and precious encounters. Private seating areas offer discretion, ensuring every experience is enchanting. Year by year, Jewelry Salon’s growth cements its status as a pioneering market leader.

Organized by Sunaidi Expo & Conferences, the specialized International Exhibition Division of Sunaidi Trading Est., Jewelry Salon stands as a testament to over two decades of event organizing expertise. Sunaidi Expo & Conferences has nurtured partnerships with government departments, trade associations, suppliers, and media companies, shaping events that redefine excellence. Today, it stands tall as Saudi Arabia’s distinguished event organizer, consistently delivering uncompromising quality and value.

Unfolding the Chapters:

  • 2010:International and domestic exhibitors converged to showcase jewelry design brilliance, igniting the Middle East market.
  • 2011: The second edition introduced innovation to a tradition-steeped industry, captivating an exclusive Saudi clientele.
  • 2012: Renowned global designers mesmerized with one-of-a-kind statement pieces, capturing attention and headlines.
  • 2013: A spellbinding exhibition enchanted connoisseurs, showcasing unmatched mastery and finesse.
  • 2014: Jewelry Salon unveiled global statement pieces, exploring the craftsmanship behind each masterpiece.
  • 2015: Reputed brands from around the world graced the event, recognizing local excellence in jewelry design.
  • 2016: Cultural elements from exotic lands converged, embodying intricate design and artistry.
  • 2017: Emerging Saudi designers shone, celebrating creativity and potential, earning admiration and praise.
  • 2018: Vision 2030’s blueprint unfolded, showcasing Saudi women’s talents while educating them about diamond authenticity.
  • 2019: A celebration of young, influential Saudi women marked the 10th anniversary of an enduring symbol of luxury.
  • 2020: Jewelry Salon 2021 returns, promising grandeur with over 80 international and local brands, an unforgettable spectacle.

Foodex Saudi: Elevating the Culinary World

Foodex Saudi stands as Saudi Arabia’s premier International Trade exhibition, a definitive gathering solely dedicated to the dynamic realm of the food and drink industry. Within this captivating event, attendees are immersed in a remarkable journey where they can source a diverse array of products from over 50 countries. The exhibition not only serves as a platform for trade but also showcases a global spectrum of food and beverage products and ingenious solutions.

This extraordinary exhibition unveils the world of flavors and gastronomy, where culinary enthusiasts can delve into the finest offerings from around the globe. The exhibition is not merely a display of products but a celebration of culinary innovation. One of its captivating highlights, the Salon Culinaire, takes center stage. This prestigious culinary competition is endorsed by the World Association of Chef Societies, Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle, and the Saudi Arabian Chefs Association. It brings together talented chefs from leading hotels and restaurants, showcasing their exceptional skills and boundless creativity.

Attendees of Foodex Saudi are transported into a realm where taste, innovation, and culture intertwine seamlessly. With its international charm, the exhibition creates a remarkable space for networking, discovering new trends, and forging partnerships. It is an event that bridges the culinary world, offering a unique opportunity to explore an array of flavors, cultures, and possibilities.

Saudi Franchise Expo: Pioneering Non-Oil Growth

In a resolute stride toward fulfilling the goals of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious 2030 Vision, the Saudi Franchise Expo emerges as a dynamic catalyst for the development of non-oil sectors. Beyond its role as an exhibition, this event opens doors for local brands, offering them a chance to explore franchising opportunities on regional and international fronts. It doesn’t stop there – the expo provides essential consultancies and educational programs, nurturing the dreams of burgeoning business owners.

Aligned with the Kingdom’s strategic vision, the Saudi Franchise Expo sets its sights on creating a diverse and robust economic landscape. As Saudi Arabia seeks to lessen its reliance on oil, this expo transforms into a nucleus of innovation, inviting entrepreneurs to step into uncharted territories of business expansion. It stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to diversification, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Behind the scenes, Sunaidi Expo and Conferences take the helm of the organization, an entity that has orchestrated some of the Kingdom’s most prominent trade shows in sectors ranging from Food & Beverage to Health & Beauty and even the exquisite realms of Décor & Furniture and Jewellery & Watches. With a wealth of over two decades in event management, Sunaidi Expo brings forth an unparalleled standard of expertise, ensuring each exhibition is an immersive journey of discovery and excellence.


Decofair is the biggest international event in Saudi Arabia focused on interior design, furniture, and furnishings. It’s specifically meant for professionals in the industry and people with substantial financial means who want to discover, connect, and stay updated on the newest products and design trends from all corners of the globe. This event acts as a meeting ground for both local and international participants, allowing them to showcase their products and ideas.

Saudi Health and Beauty

Saudi Health and Beauty stands tall as the unrivaled epicenter of KSA’s professional Beauty and Wellness realm. Emerging onto the scene in 2014 with a resounding impact, Saudi Health and Beauty has cemented its reputation as the solitary business event wholly dedicated to the exuberant world of health, beauty, and wellness.

ISF Saudi

ISF Saudi emerges as a groundbreaking milestone, proudly bearing the distinction of being the Kingdom’s inaugural event solely devoted to the dynamic realm of international sport, health, and wellness. Through its resolute dedication, ISF Saudi radiates the ethos of well-being and vitality to the people of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it takes on the crucial role of a transformative platform, fostering the development of profound international business-to-business connections, organizational collaborations, and government affiliations.

Saudi Food Forum

The Saudi Food Forum emerged as an illuminating three-day program, meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled avenues for learning and networking to industry professionals entrenched within the captivating realm of Food and Beverage. With an astute vision, it also served as a preparatory ground for international enterprises aiming to venture into the vibrant Saudi market. This remarkable initiative unfolded in tandem with the esteemed Foodex exhibition, synergizing expertise and innovation for a profound impact.

MBK Expo

The exhibition has notched up an array of notable achievements, not just within the confines of the Kingdom but on a broader scale encompassing the Gulf and the Arab region. A particularly standout accomplishment is the historic inclusion of the esteemed Jo Frost, marking her first-ever appearance in the Middle East. This landmark achievement solidifies the exhibition’s significance in the realm of mother and child, reflecting the caliber of events organized by the Reed Al-Sunaidi Exhibition and its counterparts.

MCE Saudi

The exhibition serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing cutting-edge advancements in the air-conditioning, energy, and water treatment sector – a realm of immense significance within the Kingdom. As the Middle East’s third-largest market in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems, the exhibition takes on added importance. Presently, its vision extends towards a broad-scale adoption of energy-saving materials and equipment, a pivotal step towards conserving energy and fuel resources.


The Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention Expo, in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Interior and the Presidency of State Security, presents an immersive community experience that points towards the future of Saudi Arabia’s national security and risk prevention sector. This extraordinary exhibition serves as a window to new perspectives within the event and the industry as a whole, fostering connections among professionals from around the globe.

Salon Culinaire

In partnership with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACs), the Saudi Arabian Chefs Table Circle (SACTC), and the Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA), Foodex Saudi proudly introduces Salon Culinaire, a captivating culinary competition that shines a spotlight on the epitome of excellence within Saudi Arabia’s culinary industry. This event serves as a stage where the finest talents in the culinary world come together to showcase their extraordinary skills and creativity.

The Kingdom Chef

The Kingdom Chef, an immersive and dynamic event, draws in the foremost chefs of the country to engage in spirited competition across a multitude of categories, all under the discerning gaze of esteemed international judges. Crafted as a dedicated platform, The Kingdom Chef is strategically designed to ignite healthy rivalry and showcase the absolute pinnacle of excellence within Saudi Arabia’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Haya Al-Sunaidi, a true embodiment of empowerment through elegance, has shattered barriers and set trends while inspiring women across Saudi Arabia. Her journey in the world of entrepreneurship has been an exhilarating one, marked by both triumphs and challenges. Aspiring entrepreneurs can glean invaluable insights from her experiences:
  • Embrace the Thrill of Ups and Downs: Entrepreneurship is a thrilling journey, akin to a rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs. Haya advises embracing both the exhilarating highs and the daunting lows as essential parts of the journey. It’s these very fluctuations that shape one’s unique ability to navigate challenges and transform them into opportunities.
  • Cultivate a Keen Eye: Successful entrepreneurs possess the ability to spot gaps in the market that others might overlook. Haya’s advice is to develop a keen eye that can identify unmet needs or untapped potential. These gaps can serve as the foundation for innovative business ideas.
  • Nurture a Creative Mindset: Creativity is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. Haya emphasizes nurturing a creative mindset that can envision novel solutions to existing problems. Thinking outside the box and exploring uncharted territories can set you apart in a competitive landscape.
  • Embrace Risk: Entrepreneurship inherently involves risk-taking. Haya encourages budding entrepreneurs to embrace calculated risks and step out of their comfort zones. It’s these risks that often lead to the most significant breakthroughs and growth.
  • Persistence and Determination: Facing skepticism and resistance is par for the course in entrepreneurship. Haya’s journey, particularly in a male-dominated industry, was marked by challenges. She underscores the importance of persistence and determination in overcoming obstacles and forging ahead.
  • Leverage Vision and Passion: Haya’s journey was fueled by her passion for the jewelry industry and a clear vision for transforming it. Entrepreneurs should harness their passion and pair it with a compelling vision that guides their endeavors.
  • Build Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations and partnerships play a pivotal role in any business journey. Haya’s success is attributed in part to her ability to forge strategic relationships with entities that complement her vision. Entrepreneurs should seek alliances that amplify their reach and impact.
  • Adaptability: The business landscape is ever-evolving, and Haya advises entrepreneurs to stay adaptable. Adapting to changing trends, technologies, and consumer preferences is crucial for sustained success.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Celebrating milestones, even the small ones, is vital. Haya recommends acknowledging achievements along the journey to maintain motivation and foster a positive mindset.
  • Inspire Others: Haya’s journey has not only transformed her life but has also inspired countless others. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to share their experiences, mentor others, and contribute positively to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Raving Rewards

Syed Mohammed Noorie: Arrow Food Distribution Co.

“It was a pleasure participating in Foodex Saudi for the second year. The organizers were very cooperative and supportive. We met with high-caliber clientele and decision-makers. We are really happy to see that this exhibition is growing every year.”

Emir Osman Aksoy: Unifo Food Ind and Trade Co.

“It is our first time at Foodex Saudi. We had many important meetings with Saudi buyers. We expect that after this exhibition, the volume of our exports to Saudi Arabia will increase.”

Jason Park: OKF Group – Korea

“It is our first time in Saudi Arabia. We participated in Foodex Saudi, in particular, to meet with professionals and buyers from the Saudi food and drink market.”

Shahpour JAHAN: CEO of JAHAN Geneve Jewelry

“We are very happy to be here in Riyadh (Jewellery Salon) is a very beautiful exhibition, and there are so many visitors; we are very excited to continuously having this exhibition going; Saudi Arabia, and especially Riyadh, have the best taste so they come and they really want a special pieces, this is an honor to be able to serve the community here.”

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