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HATech: DevOps Transformation Done Right

Business success can be an enigma. It often happens that several companies of the same size and in the same industry are established at the same time but only one succeeds for seemingly no obvious reason.
However, the reasons are certainly there; the trick is to learn to recognize them before the competition does. If you are not very good at detective work yourself, all is not lost – you can always get in touch with HATech.
Holistic Solutions
HATech is a business transformation specialist located in Las Vegas, NV. They describe themselves as a full-service DevOps consultation company. In the three short years that they have been in operation, the company has attracted nationwide attention for a series of stunning successes with clients from a range of industries.
In a rather competitive field, HATech stands out with its emphasis on a culture-first mentality driven by concepts and an extraordinary focus on employees.
Their goal is to offer piercing insights that clients can leverage to transform their work culture, maximize the effectiveness of people and processes, and ensure the glitch-free performance of platforms and products.
A client can expect HATech to work in sync with them at every stage of their business cycle, from product inception, design, and build to deployment and getting it into customers’ hands in the shortest possible time.
Pinpoint Focus
Contrary to the popular trend in the consultation industry, HATech chooses not to diversify its target audience. The appeal of diversification is greater market share and, consequently, increased revenue. For HATech, those concerns are secondary.
We are one of the few companies that specialize in the DevOps cultural transformation facet of business development,” reveals Jon Hathaway, the Founder and CEO of HATech. “We add new features and capabilities and that helps us help other companies adopt DevOps in a reliable and scalable way.”
Jon sees that unwavering focus on their core offering as the greatest strength of the company. It is a perspective honed by many years in the industry. He has worked with big enterprises and small ones, and seen the concept succeed and fail for both.
Our customers can see that we do not simply push theory and ideas that have worked for one company onto them. We don’t cobble together products to attract clients,” Jon emphasizes. “We regard every customer as an opportunity to demonstrate why we are uniquely successful.
In fact, if a client visits the company, they can see for themselves that HATech is the personification of the concepts they promulgate.
Louder than Words
Much of the company’s distinctive culture is a reflection of Jon’s personal mentality. There is no separate CEO’s office and he is with the team out on the office floor every day.
The difference in attitude has a lot to do with Jon’s background. He is not a business school graduate; in fact, he has never been to university. Everything that he knows about the industry is the product of personal experience, getting his hands dirty, and working his way up.
Every day is a competition,” he says, “Not having formal training is neither better nor worse – it’s simply a unique opportunity that you have to leverage to make it work.”
This simplicity and honesty is contagious. In the three years that he has run the company, there has never been a single instance where Jon has had to ask an employee to stay late or work over the weekend. Everyone appreciates the importance of the projects as a unit and they all invest their time voluntarily.
The credit is due in large part to the leadership team at HATech, which Jon has imbued with a very management-light philosophy. They get their hands dirty with the rest of the office and this sets a great example for everyone else to follow.
The emphasis on company culture is the product of Jon’s observations of industry and economic downturns over the past two decades.
From the dot-com crash of the 90s to the recent housing market collapse, he realized that the survivors were not the companies with stellar reputations or exceptional products – they comprised cohesive teams that pulled together in the face of adversity.
That is the very heart of DevOps. Sure, it is my vision and my strategy, but every individual on the team has a voice and the opportunity to contribute and be creative. You cannot beat a company where employees feel valued and know that their input makes a difference.”
Charting Success
The organic growth that has marked HATech’s progress over the past 18 months has piqued the interest of more established players.
Others are seeing that we are different and that this difference delivers real results. They are keen to resell us,” Jon explains, “The next two to three years will see those companies selling us or white-labelling us.”
This is a significant development for HATech. They can now leave marketing and sales to their partner network and focus exclusively on DevOps R&D and building up their technical solutions.
To Jon, it is just as much about maintaining the reputation for excellence that HATech has already established as it is about new successes.
We have 24/7 support in place but few clients ever use it for malfunctioning apps or similar issues. That is a fantastic statistic and a great incentive to get it right the first time, every time.
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