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HappyFunCorp: Delivering Customized IT Solutions to All Business Verticals

Mobile applications have emerged as one of the most versatile marketing tools at an organization’s disposal. It allows them to vastly increase their reach and capacity to compete, and at relatively low cost. As more companies begin to recognize this fact, the demand for superior mobile service providers has grown exponentially.
HappyFunCorp is one such provider and is blazing a trail for the industry to follow.
HappyFunCorp has garnered immense praise in the corporate world for its cutting-edge mobile services. Its clients range from startups to renowned MNCs like Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.
As the world of mobile application development races into the future, HFC is focusing its efforts into crafting advanced products and services that transcend the factors of company size, mission objective and industry.
About HappyFunCorp
HappyFunCorp is a New York-based company that was established in 2009 with a goal to become one of the best software design-and-build firms in New York City and San Francisco. Within the space of a decade, it has built a strong presence in the industry.
HFC’s mission is to develop products that people want to use, rather than those they are compelled to from a lack of choice. HFC believes that the success it enjoys is a direct result of its close adherence to this philosophy.
HappyFunCorp’s robust workforce comprises engineers, designers and product architects that are smart, talented and share the company’s commitment to product excellence.
They believe in using the power of the web and the versatility of mobile solutions to craft cutting-edge products that allow their clients to attain their own business objectives faster, more easily and at lower cost than their competitors.
HFC believes that few great products are built with a single solution; instead, most require a gentle evolution based on feedback and response to perfect an effective and innovative central theme. Product engineering, product design and strategy all play a role.
With its vast repository of experience in the technological sphere, HFC is well equipped to engineer the right solution for every client’s unique business needs.
Redefining Mobile Technology
HFC’s focus on end-user approval and satisfaction means that it constantly challenges tradition and executes only those ideas which are the best from the users’ perspective.
HappyFunCorp calls their unique technique for agile development ‘design-driven product engineering’. This approach places special emphasis on fast-tracking designs to clients as quickly as possible to smoothen and accelerate the iteration process. It is critical to preparing accurate and effective product development blueprints.
Singlestream is one of their flagship products. It allows for rapid deployment of rich TV and VR experiences at a fraction of the traditional cost. MTGA (Make Tweet Great Again) and HappySeed are their other trademark products.
HappyFunCorp has made apps for iOS and Android. Some of the prominent ones are:
conEdison: Using Image Recognition algorithms to save time and money, they have solved the complex problems inherent in the reading of different types of meters.
TezLab: This app enhances the social experience of Tesla ownership. It is a unique app that allows Tesla owners to look deep into their driving data.
HFC founders are very much interested in Tesla cars. To enhance their driving experience, HFC began experimenting with a React Native app that gave birth to TezLab. Some key features developed by their technological experts are trip tracking – which works even when driving through areas without cell service – and advanced battery analytics for things like phantom drain, where the car’s battery loses range during different weather conditions. A leaderboard for things like trip efficiency and longest continuous drive give a community feel with other Tesla drivers. It’s the power user companion app to one of the coolest Internet of Things devices around us.
MINIBAR: If you want alcohol delivered to your door in NYC, this is the app for you!
Notable Milestones
HFC’s contributions to the industry and its own achievements have been widely recognized. Some of them are:

  • Building app for Twitter that was named “App of the Year” by Apple
  • recognized HappyFunCorp as one of the fastest growing companies in the country many consecutive times
  • Listed among the 5 Rising Stars of America’s Startup Scene by Inc.

The Leadership Team at HappyFunCorp
Benjamin Schippers is the CEO of HFC, Will Schenk is the COO and Jon Evans, the CTO. The trio’s efforts are critical to ensuring the business operates with the sublime efficiency for which it is known. Holly Zappa, Director of Operations, Alanna Dukes, Director of Production, and Maria Santangelo, Director of Finance are other prominent leaders of HFC.
For them, HFC is not a business but a family. Their common vision for the future is all about mindful design and engineering. They want not only to build products that people want to use, but those from which the end user benefits personally every time.
Feedback from Clients
Catapult:  HappyFunCorp created an online writing workshop that allows students from the entire country to participate. The team at HFC understood the dynamics of these workshops and delivered a platform that was unarguably better than the competitors in the space, and that too, within a shorter period of time.
“Working with Robb Chen-Ware and the team at HappyFunCorp to develop Catapult’s online classes platform has been a remarkably fun and painless process. We tasked them with a complex challenge – to create an online version of a creative writing workshop that replicates the in-person experience of Catapult classes. They created an intelligent, easy-to-use platform that writers find intuitive.” – Julie Buntin, Director of Writing Programs
Twitter: The huge challenge for HFC was to provide a solution for streaming live video using the latest hardware from Apple, Google, and Amazon. They took this as an opportunity to innovate and learn, and the result was our new TV-based platform that offers live streaming video. This app helped Twitter gain recognition from Apple, and won praise as their Apple TV App of the Year for 2016.
“Thanks for doing the impossible, with a smile.”- Ryan Troy, Twitter Live Global Lead
The Road Ahead
HFC is investing in building expertise in new verticals that will benefit their own business by catering to the business needs of its clientele. They are also increasing their current investments in areas where they already excel to further establish themselves as the dominant player in the field.
Strategic acquisitions are also on the cards as HFC sees them as an important medium for growth.
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