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Hacksaw Gaming Review

In a wide scope of iGaming products, drawing players’ attention to new games is no cakewalk.

Every new game provider must carefully think about their unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning. Offering something revolutionary is risky because people might not play it; repacking the same existing stuff is boring.

Hacksaw Gaming chose a different strategy, and this is a review of their success.

What Hacksaw Gaming Brings to the Table

Founded in 2018, this iGaming provider decided to give something a bit different to the market – scratch cards in electronic form and slot games in a unique visual package.

Having grasped the market pulse, they opted for a mobile-first approach, making their games available literally at the fingertip. This decision helped them reach a larger pool of potential users from the beginning. As web players jumped on the bandwagon, too, the demand for Hacking Gaming offers kept growing.

They currently offer more than 80 games, a selection of which you can find on this site, ranging from themed scratch cards to visually appealing slots, with abundant rewards and incentives.

Registration, Licenses, and Regulations

Originally based in Stockholm, Hacksaw Gaming now has premises in the capital of Sweden and in Malta. It has passed the compliance requirements set by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), plus it has been granted the necessary operating licenses by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Greek Hellenic Gaming Commission.

All these licenses are a sign that Hacksaw Gaming makes an effort to provide its players with a comfortable and legally regulated gaming experience. What’s more, having obtained these licenses and certificates means that this business entity meets the security regulations determined by the monitoring bodies.

This company has also won several niche awards, the most notable of which was one of the main prizes at the Malta Gaming Award event held in 2019.

The Hacksaw Gaming Experience

The creative think tank behind this company spotted a few things the market was missing back in 2018 and 2019.

In addition to launching online scratch card games, they understood that many iGamers have reached a certain age. Their gaming experience up to then had opened room for a pinch of nostalgia. Hacksaw Gaming therefore painted their slot games and scratch cards with some retro colors and visual motifs.

Fast forward to 2024: now you can enjoy both modern-looking bits, such as the cyberpunk Warrior Ways, and vintage hits, like Vending Machine.

It’s always useful for players to know the rate at which an iGaming provider uses random number generators (RNGs). After an audit, carried out by eCOGRA (one of the major independent agencies for inspecting and verifying online gambling software tools), Hacksaw Gaming has been considered a fair game provider. Eventually, the company has been awarded the ISO 27001 Security certification.

Impact on the Community

Apart from being a game builder and market launcher, Hacksaw Gaming has a huge role in its impact on the community. They support smaller businesses and gaming studios to take their products from concepts to MVPs, ready to be launched onto the ever-hungry market.

Knowing they once were a small studio with some potentially big ideas, this company is happy to share their know-how and market experience with newer generations of developers. They can rely on the fact that they’ve been growing for six years now and the increasing number of games they’ve been offering.

Also, the games available on the Hacksaw platform have been translated into several languages, providing the native-language gaming experience to hundreds of millions of people. Finally, players can make their in-game payments and accept rewards in more than 20 currencies, which adds to the comfort of playing Hacksaw games.