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Guiding You on Your Quest to Sustainable Fitness

We all get into fitness with a set goal of long-term health but often with a vision of short-term inputs. We’ll work out for a few months, get to the desired body shape and stop working out, all the time expecting our body to stay just the way we like it. But it doesn’t work like that.
Fitness is sustainable, you work for it, towards it, at a slow and steady pace to retain the benefits over a long period of time.  

Choose the Right Place to Workout

This is where you’ll start your journey towards physical transformation and growth, so you might as well choose the place that fits you best.
For some, this could be a gym with a personal trainer who shouts at them to do it right every time they’re at the last five squats. For some it could be a chilled-out yoga session in their backyard, a run in the park or some other place of convenience.
Thing to remember: You’ll only give your all when you enjoy the place you’re at. So, find that place.
The best part is that you won’t have to stress about how you’ll exercise at any of these locations. There are plenty of things to do if you just follow through.
If you have a gym trainer or yoga instructor along, you’re good as long as you follow their instructions. But if you’re trying to get into shape by yourself or with a companion, keep reading and we’ll guide you towards fitness that’ll stay.  

Be Consistent

Whatever place you choose, your favorite type of workout, whether cardio or strength, the only secret to long term fitness is consistency.
How far you go amounts to nothing if you don’t do it regularly. We’re not saying do it every day, but don’t be inconsistent.
Let me ask you this. Would you rather go all out on your first day of weight training or start slowly and gradually increase your weights?
The first can be a little too draining for you, can lead to some major injuries if you’re carrying heavyweights for the first time and well, keep you in bed unwilling to start again the next day.
But the latter will leave you feeling accomplished, energized, and waiting for the next workout.
The thing to remember: Never challenge your limits on the first day you start something. You’re more prone to end up disappointed, tired and even injured.

Don’t Get Carried Away by 30 Day Challenges

We’ve all heard of these, lose fat in 30 days, bulk up in a month, 15 days FUPA challenges and whatnot. And let me tell you, you’ll see the results they’ve promised, these challenges aren’t hoaxes. But what happens after the 30 days is what we’re concerned about.
You’ll be done with the rigorous workouts they challenge you with and go back to your routine? Or worse, back to the couch! And that’s when all your gains or losses (weight) will return to square one.

Don’t Allow Bad Days to Turn into Bad Routines

Missed a workout? That’s alright.
Too tired for leg day? Makes sense.
Taking breaks from your routine is fine. You can even form one that doesn’t require daily workouts but every other day or a few times a week.

Don’t Go Overboard with Your Weights

Weight training is great. Whether you’re trying to bulk up, lose weight, just maintain your current physique, weight training goes well with it all.
So, what could go wrong?
Starting with weights you can’t handle or aren’t comfortable with may leave you too sore to workout the next day. And just like that, the consistency is lost.
This soreness can turn into an injury when you’re going at heavyweights by yourself, at home. Instead, start smaller, not too small but ones that won’t leave you on the floor.
You can find plenty of weights and dumbbells for your home workouts easily, online and at mortar stores. Here’s a list of reputable places to shop for these sets.

Look for Improvement, Not Transformation

Your aim is to see improvement over time, not transformation overnight.
You have to train your body to maintain the desired result long term so that your cheat days and high carb meals don’t give you a fright.  

Move, Whenever, Wherever

Even on days you can’t work out at the gym, walk to work, walk back. Take the longer route to get the groceries or play with your neighbor’s dog if you don’t have your own. The idea is simple. Keep moving.
You don’t want to be a couch potato and definitely don’t want to look like one.
Even if you give up other, more rigorous ways of working out, this habit of moving around will keep you in shape.

Reap in the Benefits of Nutrition and Recovery

Your high-intensity workouts will do nothing for your abs if you follow them up with greasy steaks and burgers. You obviously don’t have to cut these out of your diet but moderation, remember?
Don’t cut them out but cut down on how much and how often you consume them.
And on days you don’t feel like working out or are too tired? Rest. Your recovery period is just as important as your hyperactive workout moments. Even when you’re not tired out of your mind, sit back, and relax, your body will thank you.

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