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GTC 2016 Conference to Focus on VR and AI this April

NVIDIA is focusing primarily on VR and AI in GTC 2016 Conference hosted in San Hose, CA. Presented by NVIDIA, GTC stands as an opportunity for the global community of developers, researchers, and scientists to connect. From April 4-7, 2016, GTC 2016 has dedicated VR track featuring forty-five sessions from speakers across the industry.

The Virtual Reality Track at GTC 2016 delivers valuable insights for professionals across a wide range of industries. From manufacturing, media, gaming to medical, and AEC (The architecture, engineering and construction industry), some of the best practices will be discussed for ISVs from these industries. Furthermore, in VR village, from 3-D gaming to product design industry, to cinematic experience and even up tutoring applications; latest practices and advances in VR technologies can be explored. Twenty sessions will be on solutions provided by NVIDIA for game and app development, VR instrument manufacturers and end users.
Creative and technical professionals working in VR also have another compelling reason; $30,000 USD in cash and prizes for most innovative work. Among eight participants, one winning team will be selected.
Another track in the conference is based on deep learning and AI. To know about groundbreaking improvements and trends, there will be around 50 sessions and talks scheduled in this track. Topics covered in these sessions include image classification, speech and language processing, analytics in video and audio, etc. There will be hands-on labs and tutorials using most significant, industry level frameworks in deep learning and AI.

Keynote speakers will be adding to the flair in this GPU Technology Conference by their sessions. Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO & Co-Founder of NVIDIA, Rob High, CTO, IBM WATSON Solutions, and Gill Pratt, CEO, Toyota Research Institute, will be there to share insights.

GTC 2016 will be the opportunity for creative and technical professionals to connect, train and learn new trends in VR.

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