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Grizzly New Marketing

Grizzly New Marketing: You’ve Got a Website, How About a Plan?

Since 2001 Grizzly New Marketing has ranked over 1 million keywords in the top search engines, including Premier Google SMB Partner, for every imaginable industry. Grizzly was the FD Golden Gazelle’s fastest-growing company in the Southern Netherlands consecutively since 2017 and among the fastest-growing 1000 in Europe according to the Financial Times.

The rules of the jungle apply in the business where marketing is everything. No matter how good a product is, without sales, there is no business continuity. That’s why they need a bear by their side such as Grizzly New Marketing.

Grizzly’s modus operandi is interacting with its clients’ sales front in doing everything that is possible online to market and to keep competitors feeling the bearish market conditions. As a Google Premier SMB Partner and a marketing consultant since 2001, Grizzly can help businesses forage through the marketplace and get that honey out of that beehive.

Grizzly New marketing keeps iterating its success and that of its client’s campaigns via its strategic local service packages based on the number of keywords for SEO articles:

  • Starter package
  • Online package
  • Strategic package

Search Optimization for Local Businesses

Grizzly New Marketing secures new business and returns customers for professionals such as dentists, landscapers, interior designers, architects, attorneys, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and so on. The businesses may also be corner shops, solar installers, delicatessens, cleaners, spas, pizzerias, malls, florists, garages, and the list is endless. Grizzly helps these types of businesses to market to residents and visitors to their locality. Any traffic to their sites or social media coming outside of these targets is noise and not very useful to the client.

In addition, Grizzly conducts an optimal design of the ‘Google My Business’ profile for its clients.  Thus, a client located around Brooklyn, New York City, Manhattan, or New York is visible to end-users in a manner that depicts the uniqueness of their business.

By leveraging on long-tail terms used to search the web in the local dialect or culture and by applying regional advertisement, more inquiries start coming in from potential customers. For those businesses that want their business’ pin to be at the top of the search list, Grizzly does that.

Search Optimization for Nationwide Providers

This package is in use by a range of businesses from startups and SMBs to large corporations that are aiming for a regional, national, or even international appeal. They may be service providers or goods suppliers or a combination of both. They aren’t necessarily brick-and-mortar establishments; they may be purely online.

Grizzly’s clients in this category include restaurant chains, hotel chains, hospital chains, franchise stores, service centers, depots, fuel stations, entertainment and betting affiliates, experiential providers, bandwidth or hosting providers, web or graphic template providers, the fine arts, and so forth.

These are the type of businesses that target very large demographics due to the unisex and ageless nature of their products, whether goods or services. Grizzly runs campaigns that market products from classic to new, to a suite of variants, to one that currently has a bonus or is discounted.

Grizzly recognizes the importance of positioning in search results to give the end-user a sense that the business is a forerunner in its industry.

Search Optimization for Online Businesses

E-commerce has overtaken traditional brick-and-mortar in our times. Some of the largest and most profitable multinationals make their revenues solely online. Think of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, TikTok, and the Facebook suite that includes WhatsApp and Instagram. It is mainly as a result of the high rates of penetration of mobile telephone and access to the Internet even in developing countries that online businesses have taken off.

The virtual world has become real, and the real world is becoming obsolete. Grizzly New Marketing has been right there strategically grabbing niches and regions for online businesses, which then cater to their acquired customers by delivering an online service or a physical product via shipping.

Complacency is costly in this virtual world, where established brands can still be ousted by new players who offer the latest and greatest or, even more destructive to the status quo, disruptive new products. Grizzly New Marketing prides itself in keeping the bears ahead of the wolf packs.

Capitalizing on their rapid growth, online businesses tend to acquire more venture capital for expansion and reinvestment, angling marketing-driven sales in an endless growth cycle.  Furthermore, they receive positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals from their base customers.  These lead to more searches, and guess who keeps them ranked highly and organically on search engines?

Grizzly New Marketing has the know-how of placing businesses on the first page of search results.  They can have their enticing link just below the Google Ads or even in between them without having to resort to pay-per-click tactics. However, when utilized as a part of a larger Grizzly campaign, Google Ads have proven effective for certain online businesses.

Grizzly’s Main Focus Areas in Marketing

Grizzly focuses on a business’s visibility, without which there’s no basis for marketing. The agency puts businesses in front of their target audience by asking who would be a typical client, their demographic, their culture, their aspirations, and what kind of relationship would they have with the product/service.

Grizzly helps you find new client types too, increasing the business’s market share by bringing in new business. It’s a world of unified communications, from broadcast to print to digital, and Grizzly knows how to reach the target audience in this online jungle before the competition.

Grizzly also examines a business’ findability because there is no greater frustration than for a client to spend so much time locating a business whose brand is already well known. Therefore addresses, branch locations, links, contacts, business hours, affiliates, resellers, and pre-orders are used to clearly define the sales funnel.

Of course, in the luxury business, there’s a need to maintain some exclusivity but without losing out on potential clientele, so Grizzly customizes luxury clients’ niche findability without compromising on their exclusivity.

Then comes a business’s reputation, that precious fuel for growth and longevity in its industry.  Think of the reputation of the Grizzly bear: formidable. That is what Grizzly marketing seeks to impart from the end-user’s perspective. Reputation is something that obviously grows with time, and hence, Grizzly’s organic approach to marketing as opposed to using pay-per-click advertising and spamming methods builds a solid reputation base. As the saying goes, reputation takes a lifestyle to build but an instant to destroy.

The Manpower of Grizzly New Marketing

With over 180 staff with copywriters, developers, converse specialists, graphic designers, bloggers, and link builders in the mix, Grizzly’s team members are tasked with delivering the following services that increase traffic to a website and optimize the conversion of those visitors into customers:

  • Organic content
  • Paid Ads
  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Website optimization
  • Google analytics
  • E-commerce

Grizzly New Marketing has been lauded as an exemplary employer as well as a social entrepreneur that tackles child labor in collaboration with Net4Kids, helping children go back to school in India.