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Griska Group: Transporting Products Beyond the Boundaries

Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “An army marches on its stomach,” that is, battles can only be won if the army is connected with efficient logistics. Cut shot to the modern age, and army wars changed to business wars. Definitions changed, but the immense importance of logistics is still the same, and so does the success mantra – “To win the profit war, a business must be well-equipped with the effective logistics.”

Logistics is the backbone of the business economy. It is an important part of the supply chain, which controls the effective forward-backwards flow of products and services. A couple of decades ago, rapid globalization expanded new horizons for the business sector, and resultantly logistics management companies emerged.

One of the prominent names in that list is Griska Group, which is specialized in the handling of raw materials and liquid bulk products in the food and chemical sector, combining air, sea, and land transportation.

In the following interview with Insights Success, Griselda Rocha, the CEO of Griska Group, sheds light on the current landscapes and future dynamics of the logistics sector.

Please brief our audience about Griska Group, its values, and its journey so far as a leading name in the chemical industry.

Throughout more than 20 years of experience, we have transformed our processes and updated the solutions adapting them to each of our customers. Our expertise has been maintained and updated in the handling of beverages, raw materials, and liquid bulk products in the food and chemical sector. A technological ally that understands your acts and achieves.

Innovation is one of our main pillars that reflects our commitment in the continuous search for specialization within the highest standards of quality and responsibility to meet your needs, combining the air, sea, and land transportation services that position us as your most effective option.

List the range of offerings that makes Griska a symbol of excellent quality and service.

Air transport (plane): As an IATA agent and member of the most important networks of agents worldwide, we have a wide coverage to take cargo wherever it´s needed.

Maritime: At Griska Group, we operate with the most competitive shipping companies in the market that cover the main ports of the world, connecting pole to pole in an efficient and safe way.

Land transport: Transport solutions that guarantee to always be ahead of the competition, ensuring safety, timing, and cost.

Flexitanks & Isotanks: Loading & transportation of chemical products, oils, lubricants, enzymes, and many other non-hazardous liquids, we make sure to take cargo to its destination. As the exclusive agent of Den Hartogh, one of the main global container tank operators, we have the solution for the transportation of hazardous liquids in bulk with a large and modern Isotanks fleet.

Taking into consideration the current pandemic and its impact on global economies, what challenges did you and your team face during the initial phase of the pandemic, and how did you pivot your operations to overcome those challenges?

The first great challenge was to safeguard the health and safety of all our personnel while maintaining financial integrity that would give stability and confidence to personnel to continue the momentum of service and resolution to customers who suffered from logistical complexities triggered by the same pandemic event.

Through unconditional support to staff at all times, strategic alliances with suppliers and the search for logistics alternatives that maintain safety in terms of health, we managed to transcend.

Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on why the adoption of modern technologies is necessary for the chemical industry and how have you leveraged these technologies to deliver comprehensive service to your clientele?

Modern technology is synonymous with innovation; it is necessary to keep in mind that the true value of an idea is change; only with it, we’ll obtain growth and development consequently. Digital strategies and technologies have made Griska Group a renowned brand in the sector.

With the use of world-class CRM, statistical analysis and registration applications, a marketing approach and constant change, it has been possible to understand the changes in the market and customer needs.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the chemical industry?

Stay informed and aware of global, political, economic, and environmental changes. Choose a strategic approach that generates a differentiation in the chemical market; analyze and understand in detail the engineering needs of the sector in order to provide real alternatives to consumers.

Maintain a rectitude through ethical and moral behaviour in the face of any idiosyncrasy, in short perseverance.

How do you envision scaling your company’s operations and offerings in 2021?

We envision our future goals through the talent and expertise of the team that represents what currently constitutes the company—adding new members to the infrastructure and projecting geographic sectors that allow development and competitiveness in synergy, with our allied suppliers and customers captivated by solutions and differential service.

Constant training and innovation allow clarity in global logistics alternatives that transcend current problems. Finally, we are a company that depends on the work of the staff since we offer the talent of their services.

Exhibiting Brilliance

  • “A true provider who adds and solves our events; thanks to your service and attention we have managed to carry out our products to the whole world” – (Ingrid Gómez/Logistics Leader Coordinator at Celanese)
  • “More than five years being a link in our supply chain, it is synonymous of trust” – (Luis Fuentes/Mexico Export Lane Manager at P&G)

About the Leader

Griselda Rocha (CEO) is a visionary CEO of Griska Group. She has been the main pillar of the group, building an adequate infrastructure that meets the needs, expectations, and satisfaction of the chemical sector through the expertise of the personnel, which are meticulously selected to be part of the corporate. The differentiation strategy through a specialized service and attention in the sector have transcended in results.