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Graylogic Technologies: Smarter Services for Smarter Needs

The line is becoming very thin between Information Technology and Operation Technology, this trend is fast creating opportunities in Voice solutions, Industrial Internet of Things & various types of BOT’s. Artificial Intelligence will rule the future, basically solutions which can increase performance & revenue with optimal resources will take precedence.  Organizations which are agile and understand changing requirements and come up with solutions will survive in the long run. By understanding this demand Graylogic Technologies,a Web and Mobile Application Development Company is developing solutions in Voice Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Chat bots & Industrial IoT solutions for their clients.
Expertise Solutions for the Changing World
Graylogic has been creating innovative, high-quality custom software solutions,which provides a quality of Web-based Services & Solutions to its esteemed Clients. A pioneer in its field, Graylogic Technologies (P) Ltd came into being, almost in tandem with the dawn of the internet era. The pioneering status offers the company a unique and strategic edge in terms of a futuristic vision and hands-on knowledge of the industry. As a proactive web-enterprise, Graylogic Technologies (P) Ltd has set a benchmark for quality Products & Services and dependable performance in its core focus areas of ready to use web layouts, web design, web solutions & global outsourcing services. On the strength of its various products and services, the company has built up a growing base of loyal customers from all over the world.
Graylogic Practice provides industry-leading expertise in developing, integrating and supporting business critical systems. Team Graylogic has expertises in Portals, Content Management Systems, E-commerce systems, Mobile Applications, and Custom Application Development which leverages their deep technology a strength and best practice methodologies to deliver value for their customers.
Custom Software
Graylogic’ custom programming services comprise an array of software development activities:

  • Development of custom applications/solutions using bleeding edge technologies
  • Development of databases, software to support your business processes.
  • Porting, re-engineering of legacy software applications.
  • Maintenance, support of customer’s software.
  • Integration of third-party components/applications, reverse engineering.
  • Customization, integration of open-source solutions.

Graylogic suggests the most experienced programming professionals for every specific type of technical task, while the customer monitors the progress of the project at all stages.
Every piece of software delivered undergoes a rigid corporate-wide quality assurance process that involves the use of state-of-the-art testing and test automation tools. Graylogic leverages some of the best industry practices, international standards’ guidelines, and specialized project management software to ensure total transparency and manageability of the project activities for the customers.
The Team Graylogic’s business strategy builds on their expertise in consulting, technology and in-depth understanding of industry segments to create sustainable value for their customers. They identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to; Increase revenue, Improve operational performance, and Sustain competitive advantage.
Some of the Unique Solutions from the Graylogic;

  • Voice AI (Alexa, Siri & Google Voice) solutions.
  • IoT & IIoT Solutions.
  • Next generation Mobile Apps for Enterprise systems.
  • Customizable e-commerce, m-commerce, HR & Payroll systems.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for UNICEF & International Charities – New generation contact less IRIS digital verification, detailed online dashboards, field application, web application for their Field Executives, NGO’s, District Officers, and Administrators.

Fabricators of Graylogic Technologies
Graylogic Technologies was founded in 2004 by Srinivas Chaganti AjithaKommaraju. They are creative and hands on technocrats. They mainly concentrated on developing customized web solutions for various sectors and made a good name for the organization. Srinivas Bikkumanla joined the founders as a partner in 2012 and intiated Internet of Things COE,collectively they came up with a forward looking plan and decided to focus on Mobile apps, Internet of Things & Cloud hosting solutions. They developed 80+ reusable frameworks and 300+ mobile apps to meet various sectors like finance, agriculture, pharma, automotive, education & charitable organizations. With the addition of Bhanu Varla, serial entrepreneur and expert in marketing things started moving in the fast lane. As part of developing forward-looking solutions SrinivasBikkumanla came back to the USA in 2016 built expert team, partnerships and started providing consulting services in Voice AI solutions, IIoT & Chatbot’s to top companies.
The three senior executives (Srinivas Chaganti, Srinivas Bikkumanla & Bhanu Varla) with complementing experience, are envisioning and delivering bleeding edge technology solutions to clients and enhancing their existing enterprise system capabilities.
Benefits for Clients
Graylogic team is quick to understand customer pain points, agile and fast in coming up with solutions. Most of the time they provide solutions in weeks instead of months and years, this is possible because of their reusable library of frameworks.
Culture for Growth
Graylogic provides opportunities on bleeding edge technologies and encourage capabilities of the employees rather than a number of years’ experience. Also make them part of organizational success stories and partners, they grow along with organizational growth.
Future Services
Team Graylogic is building public & private cloud hosted solutions to enterprise customers in Industrial Internet of Things, Voice AI, & Chatbot’s.

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