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Graham Parker | CEO | Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Limited.

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions – Ensuring Seamless end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility & Execution

In today’s age of technological advancements and cut-throat competition in the business arena, companies are in need of efficient service providers, who can ease complicated procedures. The same is the case of the leading supply chain solution providers. They provide the best services in terms of highly optimized inventory management, flexibility, and speed with order fulfilment, customization, energy sustainability, and compliance. One such renowned name in the supply chain arena is Gravity Supply Chain Solutions Limited.
Gravity is a cloud-based, real time visibility and execution platform spanning the entire critical path from pre-purchase order, and all the key milestones through to distribution centers anywhere in the world. It enables users to execute throughout the process on one platform.
Gravity connects and digitizes all the parties involved throughout the journey; it acquires and fills the data voids created by legacy systems that are not connected, or where data doesn’t exist. Gravity’s suite of modular apps is intuitive, agile, and exceptionally user friendly, and provides clients with the required information in no more than three clicks. The company starts with the users in mind and then builds backward, rather than the more common approach of beginning with tech and then building forward.
Gravity has an active team of supply chain experts who have worked within the industry for a long time, either as logistics providers and/or shippers. It realizes that users not only want to see what’s happening but can understand and act with absolute certainty with the scenarios presented to them.
Delivering Agile Services and Solutions
Gravity primarily focuses on providing the best supply chain services to the clients. Our services capture data to visualize and execute from sourcing, manufacturing, transport, risk, inventory and location, with big data analytics & reporting. It offers shippers and logistics companies the option to choose from a full suite of apps. Customers can choose from a standard shipment tracker consolidated view through to full, end-to-end Purchase Order Management solutions with or without use of the sourcing app. A vast amount of predictive technology built into platform ensures that when a risk becomes apparent, clients are not only made aware, but are assisted in making decisions with certainty in real time.
Exceptional Leadership
Gravity is making rapid strides towards excellence under the visionary leadership of Graham Parker, the CEO. With over three decades of work experience in the supply chain industry, he also has the experience of working at a global 3PL, and a leading UK retailer, managing both domestic and international supply chains across multichannel routes to market. He also spent a considerable period within buying and sourcing operations and found this incredibly useful when evolving processes and logistics changes to meet the ever-changing consumer demands.
Efficient Teamwork for better Results
The company believes that people are key to any business. Mr. Parker states, “the team that builds, markets, sells, and delivers our products are the most important people”. Gravity engages teams of people within the various departments and ensures they are fully accountable and involved in the way it builds and promotes the platform. It also provides employees the option of working from home, which keeps them motivated and involved.
Mr. Parker states that it is a tough market to be in as good tech and product people are in high demand. However, he is happy to see the employees happy and excited by the company’s approach and direction. “The team helps set the rules, so they are fully engaged from the start. I believe this is a critical aspect of any business nowadays,” adds Mr. Parker.
Industry Perspective
The company is of the opinion that the market is completely underserved. It believes that many new digital platforms/businesses are coming onto its radar, as well as the many legacy systems still being sold and used. The team believes that in order to create a compelling platform, it is essential to understand the complexities involved in supply chains. Additionally, the client has to identify and create the perfect solution to expand their business in the digital world.
Staying ahead of the Competition
Gravity Supply Chain conducts significant amounts of research and maintains social media posts, newsletters, and regular client updates. It focuses on digitization, traceability, ethics, and sustainability. It believes that the process of digitizing is essential to remain relevant.
“Everyone has their own views within these areas, so we listen, learn, and take note of not only what is in the news and social media, but also what our customers are saying”, states Mr Parker. The company believes in listening to the customers, so alongside its road map, it asks them to vote on ‘what next?’. This intelligence enables it to build and deploy solutions as a priority and ensures that the customers are getting what is critical within the market.
Towards an Exciting Future
Marching forward, the company has developed a solid and aggressive five-year plan and road map. It fully intends to expand on its existing core functionality to bring more data and connectivity to the customers. The company is already looking at “Prescriptive Analytics” ready for businesses to become autonomous.