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GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking Solutions: Simplifying and Safeguarding the Human Life

GPS technology has totally changed the field of mobility and transforming human life a lot through their accurate positioning capabilities. Some of the GPS applications include; maps to guide traveler worldwide, live track the ferries from remote locations, smartphones, smart cities and smart homes, autonomous vehicles, drones, doorstep delivery services, smart taxies and cabs, IoT and AI devices, military solutions and many more.
The inception story of GPS is too interesting when two US physicists were tracing the position of first Russian satellite by its radio transmissions. They realized that due to the Doppler Effect it is possible to pinpoint the position of the satellite along its orbit. While measuring the reverse effect they came to know that it is also possible to pinpoint the user’s location with reference of the satellite. This was given birth to the USA’s first satellite-based navigation system TRANSIT that uses five satellites, but it had less navigational accuracy. After doing many modifications, revisions, corrective measures and placing at least 24 satellites in an orbit current Global Positioning System (GPS) have formed.
Today, we can observe that most of the machines and gadgets are now connected with each other via the internet and GPS is helping to provide their current location, so that authorized person can control or observe them. This way of connecting machines to machines or machines to humans or humans to humans in a real-time is termed as IoT. Without GPS or any other positioning systems, especially for moving things IoT will not be effective.
Now, GPS tracking has become more popular as it provides the exact position of the respective person, vehicle, missile, pets or wild animals, online orders, and many more. GPS tracking becomes more important when it comes to critical factors such as safety, time management, customer satisfaction and more. So GPS Tracking solution industry is gaining too much popularity and becoming more valuable for highly sophisticated human future. These factors have made us go for the issue, The 10 Most Popular GPS Tracking Companies 2018. With this issue, we want to introduce you with current highly advanced GPS Tracking solutions and their provider companies who are totally transforming GPS tracking space.