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Google’s Waze Launch its Carpool Service across Washington DC

Google’s Waze, a crowd sourced real time navigation app which enables drivers to use live maps and get real time traffic updates, recently announced the launch of Waze Carpool app across Washington. The Waze Carpool  platform  provides the option of sharing rides to its users. The app is connecting bridge for  the people with a common route. It helps users connect and ride with each other. It connects drivers with riders who are travelling in same direction.  The application provides a secure, easier and efficient transport option which consequently saves time and money of its users.
The app is different from that of Uber, as it doesn’t pay that much to drivers as Uber. The driver can earn max $15 on single ride. No one can use platform for source of income. The aim of company is to link multiple people going in same direction.
While talking about special design or working system of the app, company CEO and co-founder Noam Bardin said “This is not taxable income. This is just sharing the cost of owning the car, It is designed specifically so that you cannot make this your job.”
The Carpool app is now available in California, Texas, Isreal and Washington. Economic growth of US, driven by tech boom, leads to increase the population of the state and gives birth to serious traffic problems. While talking about traffic problems, Bardin said, “There’s too many cars and not enough roads, Traffic is getting worse and worse. You look at the numbers and it is shocking.” Google’s Waze Carpool app is perfect solution for leveraging problems. The solution has a capability to reduce traffic problems thus, King County Metro, the Washington State Department of Transportation has also declared their support to the platform as well..