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Google to invest $10 Billion into India amid FB-Jio deal

Google had stated that it would be pumping $10 Billion, that is, around 75,000 Crores into India over the span of 5-7 years. This source would be known as Digitization Fund. This money has been earmarked for the fund required by Google for expansion of its operations and also as an investment in other companies. This would be a follow up for the commitments made by Facebook and Amazon, in the beginning of this year.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that this fund would be utilized in the way of equity investments, partnerships and operational infrastructure and ecosystem Investments. He also said that this investment would primarily focus on four majors aspects, 1. affordable access to information in local languages, 2. building new products for India, 3. digitizing businesses, 4. applying technology and artificial intelligence in health , education and agriculture.
Experts have been presenting their view on the matter and have said that such investments are welcome but they should be scrutinized carefully. They should be careful with the privacy laws of Google and Facebook and also the data retrieving laws.