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Google Launches a Covert High-Speed Telecom Project – Aalyria

A group of tech experts at Google has been quietly developing software for fast communication networks that reach into space.

The top-secret project, known internally at Google as “Minkowski,” is being made public as a brand-new spinoff called Aalyria.

Managing “hyper fast, ultra-secure, and highly complex communications networks that span land, sea, air, near space, and deep space” is the company’s objective, according to a news release from Aalyria.

Aalyria’s software platform has been utilized in numerous aerospace networking projects for Company. The business claims to have laser communications technology “on an exponentially greater scale and speed than anything that exists today.”

Aalyria claimed to have an $8.7 million business agreement with the United States. Unit for Defense Innovation. CEO Chris Taylor, a specialist in national security who has run other businesses that have collaborated with the government, will be in charge of the organization. According to Taylor’s LinkedIn profile, he started a stealthy company in November and currently serves as its CEO.

Along with numerous former Google employees and executives, Vint Cerf, Google’s chief internet evangelist and regarded as one of the web’s founding fathers, serves on Aalyria’s advisory board.

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