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GoliathTech Inc.: An Industry Leader in Hot-Dip Galvanized Products and Code Compliance

Headquartered in Magog, Canada, GoliathTech Inc. deals in helical screw piles and offers the best piling solution to support clients’ project. It manufactures, designs, distributes, and provides engineering and customer support to all its GoliathTech Franchisee worldwide through its network of certified installers and franchise locations. It is a strong, safe and innovative company which never stops improving so that clients may benefit from its unequalled quality products and services.
GoliathTech Inc. has a wide range of applications within the field of construction, including foundations, housing, solar, underpinning, signage, decks, swimming pools, agricultural infrastructures and so on. It operates with over 200 open franchise units globally. The network of GoliathTech’s franchisees does more than merely carry out simple tasks and put their vast experience to work, to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile. It carries over 1500 construction projects every single month. GoliathTech Inc. caters to its projects from beginning to end with its in-house engineering, production, business development and customer service team.
Unparalleled Products
Helical piles are faster to install and have a higher bearing capacity. Helical piles are drilled into the ground and will not destroy the land around the project as there is no excavation required. GoliathTech’s manufacturers of screw-piles and helical anchors, use high-quality recycled steel in their fabrication which reduces the carbon footprint and protects natural resources and energy. Screw-piles and helical anchors are also useful for the support of temporary structures since they can be removed and reused with no change in structural integrity. This is very different from a driven pile or drilled shaft or a grouted anchor which are often just abandoned. Some screw-piles which have been in same place for several years, the company has removed and reused those screw-piles at another site.
GoliathTech fabricates 100% of their products in its North American factory. It has many different types of heads to suit any project. The engineering team of GoliathTech can draw, produce and have any special heads needed and they charge nothing for these customized heads. These heads are also patented, to protect GoliathTech from the competitors.
The GoliathTech’s products are the only fully galvanized products from top to bottom including the levelling head and the bolts. It is the only pile company that offers standard product at no extra cost. The piles are thermally protected against frost with polyurethane insulation and are always included at the factory.
GoliathTech is the only screw pile company that offers piles with engraved lot numbers to allow traceability of its products. It can recognize exactly which pile comes from the particular lot, even once it is put in the ground. It has traceability right back to the mill report from the steel suppliers.
An Innovative Leader
Julian Reusing, the Founder and CEO of GoliathTech Inc., is an accomplished entrepreneur who has founded and owned a few companies in the past including ISI Connect, Memory Experts International (MXI) Inc., and currently resides at GoliathTech Inc.
GoliathTech Inc. was founded in Quebec, Canada Corporation as Les Pieux Goliath. Julian purchased this manufacturer of helical piles in 2013 and named it as GoliathTech Inc.
Julian has grown multiple companies in multiple industries and always started his journey from zero and reached to the global leader in every industry he worked in. He has brought GoliathTech to become one of the fastest growing franchises globally in 2018. He has brought this company, a high-tech approach to an industry.
Certifications and Achievements
GoliathTech Inc. is building code compliant in every country it operates globally.  The company has a wide range of certifications and it is continually searching for new ones that would be pertinent to its products and installations.
Its certification list includes: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management) certification with certificate number: Q101242, ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management) certification with certificate number: Q101242, CCMC #13675-R certification, ICC-ES Certification ESR-3726, CWB and American Welding Society (AWS D1.1) certification,  American Welding Society: AWS certification, Canadian Welding Bureau: CWB certification, Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) certification, and many more. GoliathTech Inc. owns utility and design patent in Canada and the U.S.
Future Endeavour
GoliathTech looks forward to expand its roots wider, globally. The organization sees itself as the global standard defector of helical piles and a trend setter. GoliathTech finds itself as the manufacturer and introducer of new tools and accessories in the industry as it produces different type of heads as per their need.
Hearing from the clients
“When people ask me, Why GoliathTech? Why I chose GoliathTech and why they should too?
My answer has always been for the quality of the product, which is exceeding the requirements of the national building code on all applicable articles, AT THE SAME TIME, always. Helical pile foundations have been around since the early 1800’s. My only concern is that with the influx of helical pile use in the residential market has resulted in different oversights, occurring on daily basis. Most people seem to be focused on the positive factors and are overlooking the mandatory building code requirements and what is required for total compliance. I have encountered numerous helical pile installs that are simply not installed, used and inspected properly. Consequently, time and time again I am seeing projects that do not meet the building code for different reasons. Not all screw piles are the same and not all helical pile installations meet the building code or even the manufacturer’s CCMC report.” – Guillaume Roy from New Brunswick
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