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Gobi Ramasamy: A Visionary Entrepreneur of Technology

There is saying, ‘Guided by a powerful vision, great men accomplish greater things for themselves and society,’ but to do so men need passion, dedication and hard work with a guidance of proper vision directed towards the betterment of themselves and society. One such man is Gobi Ramasamy who had a vision of giving back to the society, and with the same vision Gobi founded Fynbosys in 2011. It was the focused vision, charismatic leadership, and international business exposure of Gobi that transformed Fynbosys into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
Fynbosys: Developing Future along with Customers
Fynbosys is a leading software & a services company in California and headquartered in Sacramento. To develop the future has been the philosophy of the Fynbosys since its inception and is well known for anticipating and responding rapidly to the customer’s present and future needs. Fynbosys is a software development company that develops software solutions along with applications and management solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services to customers. To ensure the successful definition, execution, and completion of mission-critical programs it has complete spectrum of professional management and engineering services behind. The team is famous in bringing the requisite subject matter expertise to support the customers with their systems, software engineering, sales management system, document imaging and digitization system and training needs.
Fynbosys ECM BI provides data warehousing functionality, business intelligence tools, best-practice models, business analytics, and administrative resources. It helps the Corporate to implement strategies for long-term success by delivering a solution. Company’s positioning strategy is influenced by Market Profile, Customer Segments, Competitive Analysis, and Method of delivering value. To differentiate their offering and creating value for the business has been the positioning company is following in the current market scenario.
Client First Principle, Giving Best Service
Fynbosys helps ensure their clients stay relevant and informed in an ever-changing environment. The company is focused on doing the best for the client and help organize, plan, motivate and deliver on their clients’ unique goals and objectives. Fynbosys doesn’t believe in a ‘one size’ or ‘one solution fits all’ approach. They draw from their experience and leverage best practices and, in tandem, customize the solutions for clients. Fynbosys provides a transparent, simplified all-inclusive pricing model, which is widely appreciated by the clients.
As the company moving towards cloud-based technologies, applications, and systems, the ability for clients to gather and respond to data real time has enabled them to execute more efficiently and effectively. Fynbosys is poised to guide the clients through this new landscape with an unwavering eye focused on the clients’ success by implementing state of the art operations, technology, and program management improvements.
Gobi Ramasamy: Pathfinder Behind the Successful Journey
Gobi Ramasamy,  Founder, and CEO of Fynbosys has founded and guided the company in a successful direction. He has always focused more on strategic direction for the business growth. He is a firm believer in ethical business practice, and thus he crafted Fynbosys’s operating DNA around honesty and integrity. As a founder and chief strategist, he guided Fynbosys on many fronts, including service innovation, technology advancements, and knowledge management among others. Along with co-founders, he introduced novel consulting concepts and set a new benchmark for customer service which positioned Fynbosys as a trailblazer in the consulting space. Under his able leadership, the company is witnessing a spiraling growth and is on its way to becoming the most sought-after technology and business consulting firm in the global business landscape.
Hurdles that Turned into Milestones
It’s not like Gobi created overnight success, he faced several challenges in the growth, but the thinking out of the box nature changed it into milestones in business growth. Few of them were uncertainty about the future, financial management, competencies and recruiting the right talent, technology, and maintaining the reputation. The company started with 3 team members, which gradually expanded to approximate 50 members across various domains over the last few years. Things were not really the same few years back for a small new start-up. Recruiting the best resources during the early years was a big challenge for him.  He overcame the roadblocks and challenges by operating on the principles of commitment to timely delivery, communication and regular update to the client and consultancy based approach. Working closely with customers and by advising them how the technology works helped him reach new heights. He also had to establish various processes for smooth communication between on-site and off-site team. But that’s what made him wiser and smarter over the course of years.
An Entrepreneurship Culture Embracing Innovation
Gobi believes in an entrepreneurship culture that embraces innovation and fresh initiatives due to preemptive thinking. He had implemented the culture in the firm where employees are encouraged to act as independent entrepreneurs within the organization to capitalize on breakthrough business approaches. Functioning within an emboldened organizational structure, the dynamic workforce comprising of technologists and business managers, have regularly updated skill sets of the employees at par with International Business approaches. The team’s dedication to great service, professionalism and client satisfaction is a major differentiator. The team is committed to the small and medium-sized forward-looking businesses across all verticals. This diligence, dedication, and commitment drove the rapid growth of Fynbosys.
Gobi is stepping forward with a goal to make the Fynbosys INC as a one-stop-shop for all software development supporting both web and mobile applications.