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GM’s Cadillac Brand to Launch ‘Vehicle Subscription’ Service

Cadillac recently came up with a redefining moment in the mobility sector, with their Book ‘vehicle subscription’ service. Building up their reputation of luxurious brand, the aim to introduce Book “vehicle subscription” service is targeting younger consumers.
Cadillac will be offering its book consumers to access a selection of their choice of model, so they can use as long as they need. After which they can shift to another model. This book will not have a record of obligation to lease, finance or purchase of a car. Book does not offer the amount to ride and vehicle sharing option. This will definitely provide users with more flexibility while keeping ownership experience under Book. For Cadillac executives, Book will provide an unprecedented view that will cover all their new models which have been immensely popular on the consumer market, ultimately making the Book as an evolution in mobility-services worlds.
Melody Lee, who is Cadillac director of brand marketing has recently told, “We are majorly targeting the next generation of consumers and building up a strong brand affinity. These next generations involve Generation X and Generation Y with this innovative, our aim seems easy”.
Cadillac is concentrated on building a different look of ownership and setting an example to these generations, providing them with a completely different set of preferences. They believe with Book they will eradicate their previous traditional ways and set new ways. Further, Melody Lee mentions, “We have completely blacked out the option of traditional models of ownership, leasing, financing, and purchasing, plus other some other form of various rental or ride-sharing and car-sharing services.”
The latest venture of Cadillac will raise many eyebrows, and surely put many of their competitors in the back seat as they look to accelerate their performance with Book ‘vehicle subscription’ service.