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GLYMPSE: Eliminating the Friction and Anxiety of Product and Service Delivery Experiences

In today’s on-demand economy, convenience is the new currency. This is especially important to consider during deliveries and service calls. Consumers are movable and untethered, which means they need accurate, real-time visibility about when they need to be home to meet a service representative or delivery person. Glympse is a built-for-mobility SaaS leader that helps Fortune 1000 companies empower their customers by eliminating the anxiety and uncertainty around these product and service deliveries.
As the pioneer of real-time temporary location sharing technology, Glympse has a powerful platform which informs customers with live ‘Uber-like’ views of their field service technician or delivery representative on the way to an appointment.
An Entrepreneur with a Passion for New Technology 
Glympse’s CEO and President, Chris Ruff, has been running growth enterprise companies for nearly 2 decades. Being an entrepreneur with a passion for new technology and disruptive business opportunities, Chris has over 20 years of experience in various executive leadership roles in the software, mobile and IoT industries. He has deep operational experience in defining corporate strategy, developing business plans, closing strategic partnerships and raising millions of dollars in venture capital which is required to create successful high-growth technology companies.
Prior to joining Glympse, Chris was the President and CEO of UIEvolution (now Xevo), a global leader in enterprise software for connecting cars, mobiles and the Internet of Things. He has spoken on panels and given presentations at Mobile World Congress Americas, CES and NPR to name a few.
Diversified Product Offerings 
Glympse began its journey in 2008 as a consumer location sharing app. The app is still free and available for everybody. Glympse was founded on the belief that location sharing should be safe, secure, temporary, private and easily accessible, which it solves for by not requiring the recipient to create a username and password.
The Company applied the same approach in developing a solution that enables field service organizations to share real-time location of their technicians and a very accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) countdown with end-customers. This has resulted in enhancing the experience for customers.
Customers receive multiple, proactive notifications, all directing them to initially view and then check back with a unique URL, where it displays and updates the Glympse journey. As each customer’s appointment draws closer, Glympse updates that experience from a simple confirmation with capabilities to reschedule or add to calendar, to a ‘live’ view of the technician on the way, arrival confirmation and even an instant request for feedback. The end result is happier and more informed customers who don’t have to sit around waiting all day for a field service representative to arrive. The brands that use Glympse experience significant reductions in customer not-at-homes and ‘Where’s my tech?’ calls to the call center.
Beyond field services, Glympse also applies the same web-based journey approach with solutions specifically designed for food and product delivery experiences. Their platform can even enable consumer-tobusiness (C2B) location sharing, to empower grocers, retailers and restaurants streamline their order preparation and handoff for no-wait curbside pickup scenarios.
Fundamental Fortes 
Glympse has mastered the nuances of building interactive experiences based on location data. The company can automate the updates of customer’s perspective, based on sophisticated arrival detection & geofencing logic, and optimized battery life. Through this it can balance all of that with smooth UX/UI capabilities.
Glympse’s platform approach solution is incredibly flexible and customizable. Every customer designs a customer-facing experience that matches their brand and business processes. The Glympse-powered customer journey experience drives incredible engagement beyond simple text-based notifications with broad ETAs. End customers spend more than 5 minutes actively engaged with each journey, which makes Glympse a powerful channel for customer service, customer marketing, creative e-commerce and up-sell/cross-sell revenue opportunities. The Company can integrate any of these capabilities directly into the experience.
Glympse excels at collecting immediate and actionable feedback and gives end-customers the chance to provide a rating and anecdotal feedback the moment a field service technician finishes their job. They then route poor feedback to a customer care agent for immediate follow up, or prompt a customer to share positive feedbacks on social media.
Partnering with their Vendors 
The team at Glympse does not view the company as in competition with other traditional field service software providers. Rather, these vendors are its excellent partners. Where many solutions focus on complex routing, scheduling and resource management, Glympse is focused on building an incredibly rich last mile experience for the field service customer.
Glympse blows any SMS or email based customer notification system out of the water, as its experience starts with a proactive notification but truly engages the end-customer in a multi-step, highly engaging experience that makes field services finally feel human. The Glympse team states, “Customers get their time back, and field service teams can focus on what they do best, save money and even accelerate revenue in the process.” 
Plans in the Upcoming Future 
Glympse is experiencing fantastic interest and adoption from field service organizations around the globe with high volumes of customer-facing interactions. They expect the business to keep growing and at the same time are looking for emerging field service use cases for their technology.
Beyond field service, the company is expecting to do a lot more business in some of the emerging industries they are testing today, which include roadside assistance, hotel courtesy shuttle trackers, on-demand/mobile delivery services, and curbside pickup which is known in the grocery industry as ‘buy online pick up in store.’
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