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Global Energy Metals Corp: Bridging the Decade With New Cobalt Exposure

No logic can reveal the true phenomena of a mind unless it is tested, and no science can review the true potential of a metal unless it is heated. Energy and its forms are varied and different, but they all serve the purpose of fulfilling concurrent demands of humans. In this world of energy metals leading the era to usher new advancements with a focus on cobalt.
Global Energy Metals Corp. (“GEMC”) is focused on offering investment exposure to cobalt, a critical material for the growing demand in the rechargeable battery market. It is actually building and developing a diversified global portfolio of cobalt assets in safe mining-friendly jurisdictions along with strategic partners working with them.
A Compelling Catalyst in the Cobalt Sector
Settled as a leading cobalt explorer and developer in the famous hills of Mt. Isa, a mining district in Queensland, Australia; The team at GEMC, with over a decade of cobalt-based experience, realized early that cobalt was indispensable to lithium-ion battery chemistries.
Involved in acquiring and developing high-quality cobalt assets, it aims to provide investors with surging demand for cobalt that is used in the rechargeable battery and energy storage market.
The Key Creator and Face of the Chancellorship
An accomplished executive and business development professional, Mitchell Smith, CEO of GEMC is equipped with deep experience developing and executing successful corporate strategies. Managing marketing relationships and maximizing business opportunities for long-term engagement is his rule that amplifies strategic relationships.
Prior to being appointed president & CEO of GEMC Mr. Smith held senior positions with various mining groups including Global Cobalt Corp, International Barytex Resources, and Petaquilla Copper Ltd.
Being an early adopter to the battery space realization, he sensed the critical role of the metals associated with the market and the part they will play in its future. He not only negotiated and structured off-take agreements for cobalt material, but built relationships with Chinese battery manufacturers.
Industry Expansion from the Eyes of GEMC
The Company believes there are significant and valuable opportunities in comprehensive projects. They also find solace in building efficient and reliable raw material supply chain that meets strict end-user specifications in the rechargeable battery sector.
Having been working for years with downstream users, they have entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co. (Easpring). The Company recognized that there is an urgent need to create a diversified and viable supply of material to offset their reliance from DRC sourced cobalt.
The company decided to go downstream directly to the supply chain to ensure that it receives project financing along with metallurgical and feasibility support for its project development. Today, GEMC’s partnership with the battery cathode manufacturer is unique.
Highlights of their Brilliant Achievements
GEMC’s aggregation strategy includes direct investment into advanced cobalt projects, enhancing supply through channelized streams, off-take ventures and materials.
The Millennium Project, is a significant cobalt-copper deposit that remains open for expansion. The Project is located close to well-established mining, transport and infrastructure along with a skilled workforce in the regional centers of Mount Isa and Cloncurry. Having excellent potential, it is extending the mineralized structure through exploration work to the north and to the east. Interestingly, hydro-metallurgical studies have demonstrated the potential for the recovery of saleable cobalt and copper concentrates.
Whereas insights about the Werner Lake cobalt project states that it is the most advanced, near-term production primary cobalt mine project in Canada, with excellent potential for additional cobalt mineralization throughout GEMC’s extensive land package.
Striving to Accomplish an Exciting Future
GEMC is focused on advancing by extending its drilling at its Millennium cobalt project in Australia. Beginning stages of the drilling program involved wide and significant cobalt and copper grades potentially expanding their area. The Company’s Werner Lake project in Ontario will also be the focus of a $2.5 million exploration program funded solely by its partner Marquee Resources. The priority will lie to further identify and acquire additional high-grade cobalt mineralization.
Though the company continues to advance the Millennium Cobalt Project, the proposed acquisition of the Mt. Dorothy and Cobalt Ridge projects will expand its cobalt footprint by a transformational twenty-fold increase in its Australian land position, thus furthering the development opportunity.
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