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Mahair Goh | Founder and Director | Global Art

Global Art: Where Art and Creativity thrives

Nothing shapes our perception of the world than imagination. Art is one place that allows imagination to run through without rules, especially in children. It’s where they get to explore their creative side with curiosity. It allows the young ones to discover their uniqueness and helps them appreciate the uniqueness and the values of others. But to transform art into reality, one needs proper nurturing. It needs tutors who are passionate about art and are devoted to their students. Who can help their pupils explore their imagination and foster their craft. Global Art is an organization filled with zealous teachers committed to strengthen, foster, and help their students to find their unique style. It is an organization that aims to design and provide a holistic learning platform where creativity can thrive.
Overcoming Hurdles
Before Global Art’s inception in 1999, most people had doubts about Art And Creativity program. Art and Craft lessons were mostly ‘home-based’ or a part-time business affair. But the rise of Global Art has changed the way. In just one year, it implemented its programs in 60 centers by providing a complete level course for young learners.
Since then, the success journey of Global Art continues. 2 years down the road, in 2002 Global Art was established in another country. It strengthens the organization’s belief that ‘Art’ and ‘Creativity’ has no boundaries, as art speaks the global language. With renewed confidence, it has continued to promote and expand worldwide, playing its part in providing enrichment art programs for young learners. It has been supporting and completing the alternative education system from kindergarten to high school level.
After 20 years, Global Art and Creativity Program is implemented in 19 countries with 600 centers worldwide, elevating Enrichment Art And Creativity Courses into a professional course complete with its business eco-system.
 A Colorful Learning Environment
As Young learners continue to grow, they progress and venture into many new areas of learning. At Global Art, students are provided with an ideal learning environment and opportunities for them to develop their imagination, learning, creativity, and artistic abilities. Its unique, innovative, and comprehensive approaches and learning module exposes students to different ideas, subjects, techniques, and skills at multiple levels.
Global Art provides courses for students depending upon their age and their level of expertise. It has categorized them into three division Core program, Enhancement program, and Complementary programs. These programs include different courses such as Comics and Cartoons, Acrylic Painting, Cultural Arts, GClay Modeling, and much more. It constantly updates these courses ensuring the creativity flows not just in students but in its teachers as well.
An Ambitious Entrepreneur
An organization requires a leader who believes in its mission. A person driven to change the traditional norms and create a new wave of innovation. Mahair Goh, Founder and Director of Global Art is one such leader who with his highly creative and innovative approach has been leading the organization towards success.
Mr. Goh works with Global Art’s management and all employees from planning to execution stage. He heads the Research & Development Department, providing his creativity and innovative ideas in the development and further improvements of programs, learning material/tools, business campaigns, and processes, etc. Through weekly discussion/meetings, Mr. Goh provides ideas and direction from design, marketing plans, digital contents, policies right up to the time of implementation.
Mr. Goh, with his personal and professional experiences, has realized the importance of Art and Craft activities. For him, these provide young children to learn in a fun and enjoyable manner developing the students’ creativity, artistic, social, intellectual, and learning abilities.
Views on Creative Avenues
Global Art has been staying true to its core of learning in art and creativity where both will serve in developing human intelligence.
Global Art believes that face-to-face interaction and verbal communication between learners and teachers will continue to be an important factor. It believes that art allows learners to express and explore their emotions, intelligence, and creativity. On top of that, it also helps them to exploring and experimenting with art ideas, solutions, composition, drawing, and coloring through physical art materials, tools, and activities. The organization further adds that it will support and build the learner’s ‘multi-sensory learning’ making the learning process dynamic, holistic, and meaningful.
Sketching the Future
As the provider of learning programs, Global Art is striving to improve its current programs, designing new programs making them more ‘teaching and learning’ friendly and match future learning needs, expectations, and outcomes.
Global Art is innovating ways to deliver Global Information, Schemes and Programs, by increasing engagement with customers and public through the use of social and digital media.
“Countries throughout the world have embraced ‘art & creativity’ to further develop and enhance the potential of their people, communities, and nation, staying competitive and relevant to the next industrial revolution, and with that in place, we believe ‘Art & Creativity’ will continue to lead us and expand Global Art into all regions of the world!”