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GIV Solutions: Making the World a Better Place to Live

It is the urge along with the effort of an entrepreneur and their team which takes a company forward towards its desired goal and helps it to achieve success. One such company with a strong will to do better and achieve something bigger is GIV Solutions. GIV Solutions swings its magic wand to make our world a better place to live in, by making our cities, infrastructure, transportation, utilities and our enterprises smarter.
The company clearly states that the reason behind the existence of its business is to reach its pre-determined goals and accomplish its desired targets. To acquire this, the company practices smarter management of knowledge, data and processes, smarter information systems and technologies. One cannot manage the present and future scenarios without cutting-edge, holistic, integrated processes of smart information systems.
GIV Solutions is proud of its high success, and maintains a record of successfully reaching the goals of its customers. With a motto of not letting go of its customers before they reach their goals in full, as were set at the beginning of a project, GIV is offering solutions and services utilizing its expertise in areas such as EAM, Operations, Maintenance and Logistics.
Most notably, GIV’s products—GIV-CITY™ and GIV-CAMPUS™—have been time and again appreciated and recognized as award winning solutions since 2015 and have been effective in managing the most advanced smart cities of Israel. Its other products, GIV-RMS™ and GIV-BMS™, are known to be operational since 2009 and have been adopted with high success and satisfaction by many transportation organizations and municipalities. They have proclaimed its products as one of the best solutions considering its functional point of view and total cost of ownership.
Extraordinary Products which are Leading the Industry
With a deep understanding of the industry scenario and a strong vision for the future, GIV has been working as an elite unit since 2001, plowing the unattended, unsolved frontiers with cutting-edge solutions to reach new vertical markets, bringing excellent and smart solutions, appreciated by leading companies and organizations, which eventually became GIV customers. The company is leading in the field of EAM, providing leadership, guidance, project management, implementation, integration, change management and assimilation in the challenging EAM projects that vary extensively from one customer to another.
Unlike financial systems which are highly regulated, monitored and have been standardized many years ago concerning business processes, systems supporting operations, asset life cycle, logistics, and maintenance, may totally defer in processes, perception, IT requirements, budget and expectations between organizations. These fields require high level of expertise and experience to achieve success, and this is what GIV is known for.
GIV’s specialized and leading solutions are as follows:
GIV-CITY™: A smart city management software solution that runs from end-to-end and handles all the functionality required for “City System Brain” connected to its nerves (IOT, SCADA), thereby helping in data collection, transmission processing and sensors, and other systems integration.
GIV-CAMPUS™: Managing an effective learning system requires functional management and flexibility alongside budgetary and managerial control; this is what is being offered by this extraordinary product of GIV. With this product, in combination with the LMS system, the management of the learning system becomes much more efficient and qualitative.
GIV-RMS™: A road infrastructure operation and maintenance system, dealing with all the aspects of managing the life cycle of transportation assets with all the functionality required, including safety, maintenance, operations, economics, engineering quality control, and more in the most efficient way.
GIV-BMS™: An expert system that manages bridges, tunnels and other road structures, for Inspections, Health Monitoring, Maintenance, and Optimization of those assets, for the highest service level and safety.
GIV-RAIL™: A new version and enhancement of the road infrastructure management system introduced to improve railways verticals: bridges and tunnels, real time monitoring inspections, maintenance and optimization for best maintenance and service level.
GIV-PLM™: An innovative, powerful and user-friendly lifecycle management solution designed for both consumer packaged goods and the Pharmaceutical industry.
An Extraordinary Leader Leading to the Forefront of the Industry
Under the leadership of Meir Givon, Founder, Chairman & CEO of GIV Solutions, the company follows a work culture that makes leading professionals and its team to work hand-in-hand with the company, hence ensuring a long, promising and sustainable future. The company works with a unique model combining the interests of three entities: The customer, GIV as a business and professional company and the team members including the managers and employees. The use of this module strives to insure a win-win-win situation between the three entities.
Similar to an agriculture cycle as a metaphor, Meir utilizes the seeds and revenues from the previous season fruits to nurture grow the next season enhanced and better fruits.
GIV visualizes the Future to be Prospective
With the results of steady growth, success and maturity, conducting R&D with the support of Israel Chief Scientist post recognition of GIV capabilities successful solutions, the future of the company seems promising. While moving from consulting, leading, project management, to solutions development, GIV has now reached the position of embarking global distribution with proven, appreciated and highly effective very low TCO, therefore ensuring a prospering future.
With this vision, GIV management is persistently lifting the bar of delivery, challenges and goals, identifying the opportunities and drawbacks, while managing and resolving the gaps with pure innovation, engineering, leadership and with the courage to dare. To conclude as stated in the company slogan: “Since 2001, we GIVe more than IT!”

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