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Girish Mutreja: An Innovative Leader Creating the Next Generation Platform for Enterprise Applications

A company’s vision guides its actions, motivates and inspires its employees, and gives them a sense of purpose. It is the silent drum to which all company and employee actions beat. The most crucial person behind its success is its leader. He or she needs to guide, course-correct and ensure the company is true to its vision.
Girish Mutreja is an example of the ideal leader. His patience, tenacity, and adaptability drive the team at Neeve Research. At a time when the computing industry is at an inflection point, the inflow of data is increasing exponentially, and the time windows for exploiting this information  continues to shrink, Girish, Founder, and CEO at Neeve Research, is fostering creative thinking and innovation.
The Journey to Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur
Girish has over two decades of experience in complex distributed system architecture and technologies. He started his career in 1992 at Citicorp as one of the principal engineers behind iFlex, a full suite retail banking product that was subsequently bought by Oracle.
In 1996, with a degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and four years of experience, he traveled to the US. Girish has worked for several major companies, including Dow Jones Markets, Talarian, TIBCO and Progress Software, and authored several mission-critical real-world systems used at leading stock exchanges, Tier 1 investment banks, as well as retail, hospitality and e-commerce companies.
Girish honed his skills in various facets of distributed enterprise systems particularly around the area of high performance messaging, distributed computing, in-memory data management, data-function gravity, extreme transaction processing and event-oriented enterprise architectures.
In 2008, market trends like omnichannel access, globalization, and social and mobile computing led to enormous pressure on enterprise transactional systems. Existing systems were not able to keep up because existing architectural principles and technologies had already reached the limits of their scalability.
The transactional pressure, limitations in existing systems and architectures and plethora of innovations propelled Girish to develop a technology that would relieve the continuous mundane and enable focus on more pressing issues. A solid foundation is key to anything you build. What is below the surface, unseen is most important.
He consulted with financial services firms, helping them navigate and exploit this new and improved enterprise application landscape while concurrently obtaining a more detailed and deeper understanding of the technologies and trends emerging out of this sea change of innovation.
Expertise, Experience, and Demand Give Birth to Neeve’s Flagship Product
Girish noticed that solutions built to handle increased transactional pressure on enterprise applications were more advanced than their predecessors but growing in complexity. An inordinate amount of time was squandered just stitching together these next-generation technologies while authoring applications.
This growing inefficiency and risk framed Girish’s vision of the X Platform™, the current flagship product of Neeve Research. He says, “I could not pass up on the potential to help and decided to create the X Platform.
X Platform™ simplifies the building and managing of enterprise systems without compromising on their performance, scalability, reliability, and agility. Girish did this by changing a few elements of traditional enterprise application architecture and applying key innovation around in-memory computing.
Girish Fosters Creative and Innovative Thinking to Maintain a Healthy Work Environment
To instill a culture of creativity and innovation, it is necessary to have a safe and innovation-friendly environment. Financial safety, safety in the vision of the future and the acceptance of failure as an inherent part of the process of innovation are all critical to encourage and foster creativity and innovative thinking. This is what Girish offers his employees to help them develop new products to improve enterprise applications.
The CEO of Neeve Research inculcates a culture that encourages innovation, questioning the status quo and thinking out of the box to ensure that their product stays ahead of the competition and remains at the bleeding edge of modern enterprise computing.
Girish fundamentally believes that technology can play a significant role in society by taking care of mundane tasks so people can focus on the higher-order tasks thus unlocking creativity and higher-order consciousness. According to him, this is possible by injecting intelligence into systems to make them more autonomous, contextually aware and capable of automated decision-making.
About this Promising Company
Neeve Research strives to build enterprise applications focusing exclusively on business logic where the platform takes care of all non-functional concerns. By liberating the enterprise developers from mundane, non-functional concerns of the applications, the platform frees up time and space supporting the creative improvement and growth of the enterprise.
Neeve launched the X Platform™ in early 2017 after very successful multi-use deployments across Fortune 500 organizations.
X Platform™ reduces development times by more than 50 percent, offers bleeding-edge non-functional fidelity, and fosters agility and evolutionary adaptability to the modern, ever-demanding business. These are key capabilities required to enable transactional system intelligence, the defining characteristic of modern, mission-critical enterprise systems that the X Platform™ caters to delivering.
Extraordinary Core Values Make Neeve a Fun Place to Work
Girish believes that where there is fun and serious fun, there is innovation. The primary values he instills in the company are:
Innovation is not bound by time: Innovation, by its very nature, is not bound by time. That is why they innovate incrementally and continuously.
Failure is ok, but they fail fast and learn from it: There is no innovation if there is no appetite for failure. However, if we fail, we fail fast, then course correct and learn from the failure to not repeat it.
Quality over quantity: The Company focuses on quality and ensures that all its products are all quality tested.
Growth is measured growth: Growth and learning for the company and individuals are important and fostered. However, it must be measured, deliberate and carefully planned. Growth must improve, make you better. Growth for growth’s sake is not growth – it is recklessness.
Rigorous but elegant: X Platform™ is for mission-critical applications. There is no excuse for lack of rigor when engineering such a product. However, rigor is not a substitute for elegance. Elegant software is a thing of beauty, and a thing of beauty lasts forever. This philosophy goes beyond just engineering, and it reflects in all that they do at Neeve.
Innovation through experience: There is no substitute for experience when navigating the fine nuances of what, how and when to include a feature in a product. It is this experience that elevates a good product to a great one.
Serious fun: They do serious work at the innovation center. After all, Neeve is the part of a revolution, and that is serious business. “But it is of no use if it isn’t fun. We work hard, but we play hard too,” says the innovative team at Neeve.
A leader is defined as the one who thinks first about his team, its well-being and gives his best to let the team explore and create, and only then thinks of himself.
With the desire to be the market leader in intelligent transactional systems and an influencer in the role those systems play in elevating the quality of our lives, he is making systems more autonomous and contextually aware.
To Girish, an ideal leader should “Provide an inspiring and relevant vision and enable a safe, productive and innovation-friendly environment to execute that vision.
Girish is an innovative and inspiring leader.
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