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Ginolis Ltd.: Precise Quality by Desktop Automation

While many industries have moved forward in the automated production of its products, the medical device and diagnostics industry has been slow to adapt its labor-intensive ways. In 2010, Teijo Fabritius, a senior electronics automation assembly executive wondered if he could apply his knowledge to the diagnostic industry. Thus, Ginolis Ltd. was born.
Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, Ginolis is a global supplier of assembly automation and high-precision liquid handling solutions for the diagnostic and medical device industries. From standard products to fully customized systems, Ginolis’ comprehensive range of innovative solutions is characterized by high precision, modularity, and an ability to handle fluids on nanoscale. Ginolis boasts patents in dispensing, micro-fabrication and precision robotics.
Ginolis has expanded through a series of strategic acquisitions and currently has offices in Uppsala, Sweden, San Diego, USA and Suzhou, China. The company has worked with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies.
The Origin of Knowledge is Experience
An electrical technician by training, Teijo Fabritius has been the Founder & CEO of Ginolis since its inception. He is a seasoned executive who has demonstrated both strong leadership and perceptive entrepreneurial instincts. eijo has a long association with the automation industry starting as a Project Manager and Applications Manager for Nokia’s industrial robot unit (Nokian Teollisuusrobotit Ltd. Ab) Robotics Operations for Aitec Ltd. and then was appointed Technical Manager for ABLE SRL in Italy.  He then moved to ABB Service Ltd. (Flexible Automation Center) as Sales & Site Manager in Holland. Teijo has also been JOT Automation Group PLC CEO and CEO of Master Automation Group Ltd.
The Journey Begins with the First Step
Ginolis started in 2010, built on a vision of providing innovative automation solutions for effective healthcare for the benefit of patients across the globe. The company aims to reach the apex of assembly automation for point-of-care tests, micro-fabricated components and similar products used in the MedTech and diagnostics industry.
Recent innovations by Ginolis promises to address critical issues related to the sector, and the company is well-positioned to use the technology to fuel a production revolution. It is striving hard to achieve its aim with an approach adapted from the electronics industry and has developed a strong reputation for tremendous productivity.
Earn Success by Providing Services to Others
Ginolis offers cutting-edge automated production solutions and services. The company specializes in high quality modular robotic solutions using machine vision technology and high precision dispensing. Ginolis designs and manufacturers all its robotic solutions in Oulu, Finland. The company uses own standard robot modules to reduce time-to-market and validation costs. In addition to customized solutions the company provides standard products including:    

  • Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) Dispensing Pumps
  • Cecilia Dispensing Platform
  • Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA) solutions
  • Pixie Quality Control

Ginolis’ unique desktop approach and machine vision improves product performance and facilitates high-quality production within a small footprint allowing clients to save valuable space in their clean-room environments.
Everything Starts with an Aim
Ginolis entered the production automation sector with the aim of bridging the gap between automation technology and labour intensive diagnostics industry. Teijo says, “The global diagnostic industry was beginning its transition to automated production and digitalized services; Ginolis wants to be at the top of the list of systems suppliers globally.” Teijo’s zeal has enabled that transition and he feels privileged to have had the opportunity to work with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies.
Using Tomorrow’s Technology to Reap Benefits Today
Healthcare solution providers in the MedTech industry around the world have lately been facing an increasing number of challenges on multiple fronts, particularly mounting validation costs, increasing labour costs and reducing product time-to-market. Ginolis’ flexible desktop automation solutions in the field of medical devices and diagnostics has yielded very promising results, and the company is confident that it is on track to address those challenges.
Ginolis is also investing its resources in the development of a cloud service to provide additional services to clients. This will help in quality control, monitoring, analytics, reporting, and the maintenance of its automation lines. Its global expansion in the MedTech sector is a critical part of its mission to work for the well-being of all mankind.
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