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Gina Rivera | Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder | Phenix Salon Suites

Gina Rivera: Blending Creative Collaboration with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Technology is taking the business models to the next levels. It plays a valuable role in any business. Business leaders can take their businesses to new heights by utilizing technology efficiently in their companies and industries. By leveraging technology, an astute business leader, Gina Rivera has changed the landscape of the salon industry. Gina is creating a space that blends creative collaboration with an entrepreneurial spirit for lifestyle professionals, through her company Phenix Salon Suites. Phenix Salon Suites has developed an innovative approach to small business ownership by inviting Lifestyle Professional entrepreneurs to operate their business in a beautifully designed suite.
Being Inspired by Family Members
Gina’s family has been in the salon industry for over 90 years. Her parents brought her into the industry. As a child, she grew up sweeping hair off the floor of her parent’s hair salon. Both her mother and father were hairstylists. From the experience of watching her parents, she developed a deep passion for the industry. She loved the artistry of the craft and witnessing how people felt after receiving treatment. Gina always knew she would work in the industry. She went to beauty school and was formally educated at the age of 17. Next, she started her own salon which later led her to open her first Phenix Salon Suites.

“Phenix Salon Suites provides the tools and locations for Lifestyle Professionals to own and operate their own business at the fraction of the cost of owning a large multi-chair salon.”

As the Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, and as a hairstylist, Gina feels it’s her responsibility to ensure that the professional needs are met for the Lifestyle Professionals who select to operate their businesses in a Phenix location. She also believes that it’s her role to keep Phenix at the front of industry by understanding current trends and changes that are taking place in beauty. Staying at the forefront means understanding the artistic and technical trends for beauty as well as the business climate. These are important items for Gina’s executives and team.
Providing Tools and Education to Lifestyle Professionals
Phenix Salon Suites provides uniquely designed development tools and complimentary education to ensure the success of all lifestyle professionals. Last year when COVID-19 was announced, Phenix worked hard to provide complimentary education for lifestyle professionals and to develop plans to ensure its locations could continue to operate successfully. Gina is proud to say that all of the Phenix locations continue to thrive today. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Phenix adapted by educating people on the safety of receiving beauty treatments in suites where professionals could provide one on one client services in the privacy and safety of their own suite.
Many salon professionals suffered greatly with widespread closures during the pandemic. However, the beauty industry is very resilient, and Phenix has experienced this during this crucial time. For Phenix Salon Suites, its model is conducive to social distancing norms as beauty services can be provided by a solo professional to a single client in the privacy of their own suite. Phenix does not have common waiting rooms or shared equipment which is important for the guidelines and best practices surrounding COVID-19.
Creating Lifechanging Opportunities for Beauty Entrepreneurs
The corporate culture of Phenix is key to its identity as a company and maintaining a positive work environment. Phenix Salon Suites refers to itself as the “Phenix Family”. This ties well to their long-established heritage that extends back to 1929.
As a stylist herself, Gina has an in-depth understanding of what a Salon Professional requires to be successful. She applies this to her business model daily. The goal of Phenix Salon Suites is to exceed the expectations of Lifestyle Professionals. Gina is in the unique position to anticipate their needs and she believes this sets Phenix above others in this space. Phenix Salon Suites keeps the Lifestyle Professional at the center of its decision-making process because it realizes that without their success, Phenix is not successful. Its team realizes that it is creating life changing opportunities for beauty entrepreneurs to become a small business owner. Gina and her team all are working towards this higher purpose and this contributes to a positive mind set.
Keeping Lifestyle Professionals Ahead of Industry
When it comes to its professional tool line, Phenix has created a tool line that utilizes nano-smart infrared technology that is very cutting edge. It’s similar to providing a spa treatment for the hair because rather than drying out the strands as many tools do, this technology locks the moisture into the hair.
A professional business app for beauty professionals called Gina’s Platform is also a very important business offering of Phenix. This is a pioneering app that is offered absolutely free to anyone working in the industry. The app has advanced communication features, trending news and education, client booking features, revenue tracking options, ultra-low credit card processing rates and many more functions that keep professionals ahead of the industry and current with the requirements of the profession.
Being Charitable and Encouraging to Future Generations
All of the by Gina products give a percentage of their proceeds to support cancer research and causes. In addition, Gina Rivera provides annual scholarships to students that want to pursue a career in the beauty industry.
In her advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs, she says, “Never let anyone tell you that you “can’t” and never tell yourself that you can’t either. Work to get out of your box and try new things. You grow the most when you’re uncomfortable. Embrace the process and love what you do. Always seek out opportunities and never be afraid to ask for help. Make sure to put relationships first and build upon them.”
Envisioning International Expansion
The first international location is scheduled to open in the summer of 2021. Several more national and international locations are on the agenda as the company continues to experience dramatic success and growth.